• [2018/06/22]
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  1. GreviouxGrey

    Bug - Normal Shut down during change up.

    It only happens every once in a while, but the game screen goes white when I try to do a change up right away and cost me energy and the fight. Everything locks up and then closes down. Anyone else getting this?
  2. GreviouxGrey

    What do you do when you've completed Story Mode?

    Once you have completed all the story line and modes?
  3. GreviouxGrey

    Stuck Between Parasoul and a Bronze Place.

    So I am at the point where there are only two options. 1. Use Parasoul to get past a very strong Parasoul. or 2. use a Bronze character to defeat two golds... This is killing me I haven't advanced in like a week and a half and it's breaking my heart. Any advice on how to get past either of these...
  4. GreviouxGrey

    H.O.T.P. Vs Medici Shakedown

    I guess this would be posing a question. I think I can finish the Hot Off The Presses Prize fights if I focus on it, but I really do need the money from the Medici Shakedown. Which one is better to focus on?
  5. GreviouxGrey

    Question about Skill trees

    So is the goal just to completely max out a skill tree? I mean is there anything not worth taking. I have a Gold Harley Quinn Cerebella and I want to build her right so I am asking what other people did.
  6. GreviouxGrey

    Other Suggestion for Proper Multiplayer/Friends list

    I want to start by saying I am so glad I downloaded this game to my phone. It really has saved me from some very boring meetings lately and it has become part of my late night cool down ritual. That being said I have started getting a lot of friends into this game. They are all spending about 20...