• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Tom Kulczewski

    Prize Fights Tier List

    Hello everyone! Kulczewski here. Seeing as the last time we got any kind of Tier List was a long time ago, I wanted to put together a new one so as to help both new and advanced players make decisions regarding their fighters and investments, and because I feel like the game's landscape changed...
  2. Tom Kulczewski

    Bug - Normal Still experiencing server-related issues

    The game's still lagging. At first I thought it was because of Robo's release day, but the game's still taking way too much time during loading screens, showing after-fight scores, loading Taliesin's store, buying stuff; I straight out get kicked from the server sometimes, and during fights...
  3. Tom Kulczewski

    Robo-Fortune Diamond and Gold variants abilities

    My job here is done. Feel free to post the other variants and maybe discuss Robo as a whole here!
  4. Tom Kulczewski

    Fortune Variants and her Marquee

    Her Marquee Her 3 Gold variants Feel free to post the other Bronze and Silver variants if any of you get them. The idea is to know all of her SAs :D
  5. Tom Kulczewski

    Bug - Normal The game freezes randomly

    Exactly what the title sugests. The game freezes randomly whenever. Sometimes after a fight, in the pre-fight lobby, sometimes when the stage's loading, forcing me to close the game just to login to a lost streak. Anyone else?
  6. Tom Kulczewski

    To all the 'NEW' players

    First of all, I feel for you. Eventho the devs are probably going to get your data back, in the worst case scenario you'll lose your month-worth of Skullgirls game-time and achievements. But don't let that get you down. Instead, take that as a new opportunity to start from scratch and do things...
  7. Tom Kulczewski

    Best 'Show Me Your Moves' Fighters/Stats/SAs–BBs

    Well, the first Show Me Your Moves is over, and it might be the most annoying – and thus, difficult– Prize Fight yet. It forces you to have good Silver Fighters, which are the like the missing link in PFs. I somehow managed to reach top 1-10 with a somewhat mediocre team of 2 Parasouls and a Big...
  8. Tom Kulczewski

    Name changing and account linking

    Haven't seen a topic about this. How can I change my in-game name and 'un-link' certain accounts from Skullgirls (namely Facebook and Google)?
  9. Tom Kulczewski

    Best team comps

    Simple. Which team comp do you think is the best? It can be more than one combination. You don't necessarily have to own it. Do you think all comps need a tank? Does positioning really matter? Why build a team comp out of 3 different characters when you can build a comp with 3 of the same...
  10. Tom Kulczewski

    Last Hope - Origin Story SPOILER talk

    Well, out of the 4 Origin stories we've got, this one takes the cake for me. Tho we know to a certain extent what'll happen in every Origin Story, this was the most entertaining to see through anyways. I found very touching that even tho Val comes off as a distant character that doesn't seem to...
  11. Tom Kulczewski

    So when are we getting the best character in the game?

    I'm talking about Nadia ofc. I don't know how they'll implement her head mechanic to the game but still, my days are filled with regret knowing I can't play with Skullgirls' best character. One can only hope she'll be the next one to be released, and on the same note, who do you guys think will...
  12. Tom Kulczewski

    Bug - Crash Patch 1.3.0 bug thread I guess

    So as of 1.3.0, a lot of bugs came in, most related to Peacock's origin story. Known issues so far: The game crashes after opening a Peacock Relic (don't know if other Relics too). Characters lvled up during Peacock's origin story don't show progress. Basically they lvl up but they don't...
  13. Tom Kulczewski

    What should I do with my spare fighters?

    As of now I have a total of 7 Gold fighters, those being: Harlequin Cerebella Lv. 33 Raw Nerv Painwheel Lv. 36 Silent Kill Valentine Lv. 29 Raw Nerv Painwheel Lv. 8 Epic Sax Big Band Lv. 6 Harlequin Cerebella Lv. 2 Raw Nerv Painwheel Lv. 1 As you can see I have some copies. What should I do...
  14. Tom Kulczewski

    Is it worth raising bronze characters?

    Hey guys, as I read it I got curious, but can any of you make a comparison between an ex-bronze golden character and a golden born one? The difference in stats, damage and stuff. Because I have my team right now which is all bronze since I didn't want to evolve it yet, thinking that the best...