• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Neverrest

    Bug - Normal Circuit Breaker Meter Drain only works on certain hits

    Circuit Breaker seems to only drain Meter on the first hit of the ground combo, on the last hit of the aerial combo and on tag in. It doesn’t matter if she’s in detonation mode, Robo Fortune only needs to equip a Circuit Breaker. EDIT: Headdrone hits and Fidget Spin also trigger the Circuit...
  2. Neverrest

    Bug - Normal Hexed Bloodbath still gets REGEN from Lacerate

    Hex doesn’t prevent Bloodbath from converting Lacerate induced Heavy Bleeds into Regen. When I used my first blockbuster, her SA activates. With Bloodbath hexed, I used my second blockbuster to confirm that her SA is indeed disabled. (No changes to my Bleed stacks and her Regen stacks.) Once I...