• [2018/06/22]
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  1. DefGear

    Bug - Normal Djinn Frizz's SA activates when she has hex

    This happened in Beo's Prize Fight, I used my red velvet Eliza against a team with a Djinn Filia, I inflicted her with hex 2 times and she still activated her SA, and yes, her buffs didn't activate before hex was inflicted, she didn't have immunity either. Her SA says that she will gain buffs...
  2. DefGear

    Bug - Normal Game freezes after winning a battle since 4.3

    The game will sometimes freeze after winning a battle in any mode, counting it as a lose since it freezes before the score screen shows. I play in an Android 9 mobile
  3. DefGear

    Bug - Normal Peacock's Good Fellows (lv3 BB) can fail if the opponent tags out at the same time

    This happened to me when fighting the boss node in peacock's master story mode, I used good fellows against a low health Eliza when she suddenly tagged out for Parasoul, but instead of Parasoul being affected by the attack, the animation stopped when Peacock got close to her, canceling the...
  4. DefGear

    Resolved Purrfect Dark curse not activating

    I fought against a team that had an evil resonance in Squigly's prize fight, the thing is that I had purrfect dark as my first character to fight against him, she has her signature ability fully unlocked, but for some reason after the 10 seconds passed for her ability to activate, the death mark...