• [2018/06/22]
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    Other Monthly Marie Guild Raids

    Or maybe as a one time event? She has a HUGE load of HP and a 100% bleed resist. Players have to deal as much damage as possible in 3 minutes, and that damage will be taken from the global counter.
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    Other Suggestion to increase the popularity of the game

    Replace the game icon with shouting Beowulf coming in from bottom left corner. Optionally, make him in a blocky 3D style.
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    Bug - Normal I interrupted my Good Fellows with my ownImpeding Doom

    I’m not sure how exactly that happened, I’ve spent around 5 to 10 minutes in Training trying to replicate this. I was playing Rerun Peacock against Understudy Cerebella in Show Me Your Moves. I used Impeding Doom and almost immediately after that I used Good Fellows. Before I managed to run up...
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    Need advice for investing into a super defensive Untouchable

    I got 3 water essences from AE. Right off the bat I knew that no water fighter is nearly as appealing for me as Untouchable. I’ve been toying around with this idea of unsurpassable wall that would have as much hp% as I can find, max def%, bleed resist for anti-high streaks. What other stats...
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    Will Megalith Array ever be released?

    Devs probably don’t visit character forums often, but who knows, maybe someone will respond.
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    Bug - Normal Resonant Evil BB doesn’t display first stack of armor

    When I fight RE BB, two things happen: BB stops taking damage at 3 stacks of armor instead of 4; Stun procs without any visible armor buffs (actually lost a streak to this). Both of these things point to the fact that one of the stacks isn’t shown. I don’t see such an ability in RE’s skill...
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    Does beating a dev in PF give a bonus?

    Probably not, but I was just wondering. And I don’t want to try my luck, I already approach timeout on the regular, without dealing with 4 forbidden procedures. Ended up losing the streak to the bottom team.
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    Bug - Normal Graphics glitch after looking at Parasite Weave’s skill tree

    Album: https://imgur.com/a/Wa3WaIk iOS 11.2.6, iPhone 7 This only happens with Parasite Weave, this team and this enemy team lineup. Steps to reproduce: 1. Access PW’s skill tree through the TEAM button in bottom center. 2. Go back to team overview. I’ve tried this against two other enemy...
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    Fights Sort enemy teams by total FS at streak 15+

    In this patch, you added a way to pick a difficulty, so to say, and you also mentioned that the average score balance out at a high streak. However, at high streaks the order is broken up and a 31.1k team can come before (above) a 29.2k team. This difference can go a long way if you use a team...
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    Fights Add a setting to reduce the amount and intensity of flashing

    I’ll be honest, I’m not epileptic or anything. Sometimes, I simply find the amount and intensity of flashing to be... too high. I’d like to not draw as much attention on public transport, or in university, or when I have a migraine etc etc.
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    Characters PW’s marquee is incredibly underwhelming

    “Oh yeah, this baby should take critical hits like no other” is probably the last thing I would say about Painwheel. Can you change it to anything else? I’d even swap it with Filia’s Bloodletting marquee, because Filia has considerably better survivability, and it even works perfectly with Dread...
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    Characters Can you spill EXP gained by max lvl fighters to the rest of the team?

    Example: Three teams have a similar (or equal) total FS. Team A has no fighters with max level. Team B has one max level fighter. Team C has two max level fighters. I win a fight against team D with each of three teams. Scenario 1: In team A each fighter gets X exp. Normal scenario 2: In team...
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    Bug - Normal You can swear in chat if you add an exclamation mark in the end

    I was just trying out other punctuation. No idea if it works with anything else.
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    Bug - Normal Error Code 5309 on login

    A little background: I’m from Russia and our government recently went on an immense ban streak, banning a couple MILLION IPs belonging to Amazon and Google. The issue is immediately resolved when using a VPN, so I assume this is related to the IP bans. I also can’t get onto the forum as long as...
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    Bug - Normal Leveling a fighter up through Power Up doesn’t replenish their energy

    iPhone 7, iOS 11.2.6 I apologize if everything is working as intended, just seemed counterintuitive enough to be considered a bug. Steps to reproduce: Have a fighter with spent energy Sacrifice enough fighters through Power Up to level this fighter (amount of levels gained doesn’t matter)...
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    Bug - Normal Shrinking cards in team building screen

    iPhone 7, iOS 11.2.6, although I did this on 11.0, 11.1.2 and on a Huawei P10 Lite with Android 7ish. Steps to reproduce: With one finger, drag a fighter away from its place as if you wanted to place them on your team With the other finger, pick up a different fighter and actually place them...
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    Bug - Normal Unusual AI behaviour

    I just had a prize fight where halfway through the first fighter, the AI suddenly stopped doing anything. It idled (up to the point of walking up to me, even), blocked my attacks and very occasionally used a blockbuster. I don’t mind a free win, especially on a 16 win streak, but this probably...