• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Shenbet

    Other Overall feedback about game and a suggestion at the end.

    I play every day I just do more fighting than I do grinding for theonite and opening relics
  2. Shenbet

    Bug - Normal Sekhmet Mode causes enemies to block indefinitely

    I never had them get locked in block when using Sekhmet, but it's like the AI knows that it's a bad idea to not block when you're using Sekhmet. What I do is start holding a charge attack since sometimes the AI sees it as an opening and goes for it, then since she doesn't flinch in this mode you...
  3. Shenbet

    Other Overall feedback about game and a suggestion at the end.

    The hard attacks are part of the normal combos. If you play the PC version or console version you'll recognize some of them making their way into combos, and a charge attack for Cerebella happens to be her hard punch. Basically what I'm saying is that they don't need to add a hard attack...
  4. Shenbet

    Fights Timeout needs to go to the higher HP%

    I've only lost to a time out once, a few minutes ago and it was pretty dumb. The enemy had just a sliver of health left on their last fighter and I couldn't do anything about it in time, because the last one didn't get to tag in. I had all three of my characters alive. Hopefully they address...
  5. Shenbet

    Other Quick Play and the Complete Removal of the Mode

    Quick Play was a game mode that served the purpose of two things. First off, to me it was meant for having fun. If you didn't wanna progress the story (or couldn't and had to grind that one character you couldn't get XP for) then you could just hop into Quick Play and get a random team to...
  6. Shenbet

    Fights AI turtling

    I'd revert to the previous AI for now and rework the current AI because at the current moment in time the AI is a little unenjoyable to fight and takes away from the fast paced action I'm used to in Skullgirls, while I think the AI should block a little more I feel they do it too much in a game...
  7. Shenbet

    Fights AI turtling

    I once stood still to see what would happen and an enemy Parasoul just stood there, blocking until I moved. The problem is that they refuse to do anything besides block and if you throw they break it. If it was like normal Skullgirls you'd have a lot of options to deal with this, at the moment...
  8. Shenbet

    Which new characters would you like added?

    But doesn't Valentine explain that relics are things that bring fighters from different points in time and stuff like that during the tutorial? That means you can bring anyone from PC Skullgirls in
  9. Shenbet

    Bronze Blood Sport (9 hours)

    It's probably fine. I'm imagining it was because all the new players since it was released today made it so we were a very small minority with an ability to gain a lot of points fast since it was bronze only
  10. Shenbet

    Bronze Blood Sport (9 hours)

    I was in the top 1-10% with 147,010 points. Will use Eliza in whatever prize fight happens next
  11. Shenbet

    OFFICIAL: 1.2.0 Update Notes

    The game is out in the US at least right now, friends who weren't in soft launch could see it
  12. Shenbet

    Resolved AI Uses Multiple supers and freezes player

    I was in Prize Fight fighting a Valentine who used Checkmate Incision and her burst one after another, seemingly the AI activated them perfectly on the same frame. After the AI did this it stayed zoomed in on her and she started attacking me, but I was invincible besides the constant bleed...
  13. Shenbet

    Fights AI turtling

    The problem I'm having with the AI right now is that since they're always blocking and it's impossible to do what you'd normally do in this situation and hit them from the angle that they aren't blocking, say someone is blocking high and you can hit their legs instead, you can't do that here...
  14. Shenbet

    OFFICIAL: 1.2.0 Update Notes

    I still don't really understand why Quick Play was removed, using the same energy meter for it and prize fights would've been fine with me and all that. I played Quick Playy when I wanted to level up so I could continue the story and still have energy for fighters to have fun. For prize fights I...