• [2018/06/22]
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  1. WeabooTrash

    Fighting a losing battle with Rifts...

    Thankyou very much for the input guys! I think as stated, my issue is I’ve focused on trying to build all my characters at once rather than focus on the prime attackers. As for the Eliza discussion- I’ve got a lovely diamond blood bath who’s my ‘go to’ and am currently slowly building up...
  2. WeabooTrash

    Fighting a losing battle with Rifts...

    Hiya, I’m a level 66 player that is currently stuck in Bronze 1 in Rift battles, I simply cannot win. Every opponent I face either has a vastly stronger team than me or a full collection of maxed out catalysts and truthfully, I’m kinda outta ideas. I have very few catalysts and simply cannot...
  3. WeabooTrash

    Story Master Difficulty!

    Yes! Definitely looking forward to all the challenges and rewards this’ll bring thanks guys!
  4. WeabooTrash

    Other List of things that could use a buff

    Raw Nerve Painwheel: Despite sporting the coolest colour palette imo- has a lot of wasted potential. Whilst it’s indisputable that her stats are pretty promising and certainly pack an offensive punch, her SA unfortunately lets her down due to the fact that she has to take a lot of damage for it...
  5. WeabooTrash

    Bug - Normal Regen depleting then turning into Permanent Regen

    Hiya, Was playing Accursed Experiments earlier, was playing the node with the ‘Under Pressure’ fight modifier. Was playing ‘Icy Hot’ Val against ‘Princess Pride’ Parasoul, Parasoul spawned a tear which subsequently gave her a Regen buff. Despite regen eventually running out, the Icon still...
  6. WeabooTrash


    I’m late to the party and can’t say much that hasn’t been said by everyone else, but I’m certainly looking forward to what 2019 brings! I for one am excited for the prospect of seeing more origin stories- nothing better than a bit of lore and free relics! Glad to hear R.Fortune is on the way...
  7. WeabooTrash

    What fighters do you believe are Underrated?

    I think I’m with you guys on ‘Just Kitten’. Faced a maxed gold one today. Honestly I didn’t really think much of her at first, but god, that evasion ability of hers is a pain. She can just intercept your combos like that! I’ll ceratinly add her to my ever expanding list of fighters to train!
  8. WeabooTrash

    Diamonds are a skullgirl's best friend.

    WHOOP! First ever diamond today and it’s a natural. Had four premiere relics saved up, opened them since I’m too impatient to save them up and because I’ve been trying to get some bronze fodder to evolve some of my silvers and bloody ‘Glass Cutter’ Filia pops out. I’m pretty stoked! She’s gonna...
  9. WeabooTrash

    Toad Warrior Discussion

    personally I’ve never found timing out to be an issue, the only thing I will say is that she’s a tad squishy in the later streaks. Aside from that, she’s a pretty fantastic fighter in my book, she carries me through till about streak 40 and generally, the only fighters that she can’t fight solo...
  10. WeabooTrash

    Toad Warrior Discussion

    Honestly, I’m most likely biased because she’s one of my favourite fighters, but imo she is defo worth evolving to gold. Her damage output is insane- paired with some increased attack/meter gain stats, she is a force to be reckoned with due to her being able to pull off multiple BBs very...
  11. WeabooTrash

    What fighters do you believe are Underrated?

    Damn, didn’t expect to get so many replies! I find it really interesting to hear what fighters you guys use, especially since I’ve been considering building up my rage appropriate and my blood drive painwheels. It certainly gives me some more ideas for my team aha! One thing I really admire...
  12. WeabooTrash

    What fighters do you believe are Underrated?

    A bit self explanatory, but everyone has gone onto prize fights, blazed through the high streaks only to be presented with teams made up of: Resonant Evils, Dreadlocks, surgeon generals, Armed Forces, Harlequins, Bio Exorcists and perhaps some of the elusive new diamond variants. And for good...
  13. WeabooTrash

    Bug - Normal Cheater / Hacker Reporting

    The hackers really are on full form today..
  14. WeabooTrash

    Bug - Normal Rewards of the Rift Battles

    Rewards have arrived on my end as well! Thankyou Devs!
  15. WeabooTrash

    Bug - Normal Rewards of the Rift Battles

    Ah. Glad to see it’s an issue all round the board. I imagine the devs will look into it after Christmas.
  16. WeabooTrash

    Professional Weaboo

    Professional Weaboo
  17. WeabooTrash

    Bug - Normal Rewards of the Rift Battles

    I’m afraid I’m having the same issue! Completed 7/7 battles this week, achieved Gold 2 rank but alas, no prizes.