• [2018/06/22]
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  1. foussi

    Your worst prizefights moments?

    Heyo guys, so tell me, what are moments in prizefights where messed up completely and lost your streak or nearly lost your streak. I remember when I was at an streak of 28 and was in a fight that was really drawn out. Yaa basically the last enemy was an surgeon general and my diva Intervention...
  2. foussi

    How do I beat this?

    Ok eww Like my strongest bronze fighter is a big band. Its nearly immpossible to win against a prim parasoul and a painwheel I mean i lose so much health during blocking and if I try to attack, i am getting wrecked. Any advice
  3. foussi

    Fail moments

    Tell me about moments you had in the game where simply messed because you didn't pay enough attention. I remember how i made other fighters stronger with my silver and bronze parasouls because i hate her so much and then regretted it. I also lost today in PF because my screen decided to not...