• [2018/06/22]
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    Other Ability to view fighter level in Deployments

    Deployments are a welcome addition to the game and they give quite a chunk of exp as well as rewards. To streamline the selection process, I would suggest that we are able to view the fighters' levels in order to make it easier and faster.
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    Other Ratio filter for gifts

    That would be nice as well. Especially those who just log in to get gifts but never send any back. I guess that would be along the same veins as a ratio filter to see if the gifts we send match we are receiving.
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    Other Ratio filter for gifts

    It would make it much easier for me to send gifts back to those who have sent me more than i have sent them, instead of having to scroll through the whole list and sorting out to whom i need to gift back first, especially the gold gifts.
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    Other Ratio filter for gifts

    Would an implementation of gift ratios be possible/good? As in ratio of gifts received to gifts given.