• [2018/06/22]
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    Bug - Crash After Maintenance Update

    What have you done Cellsai to the maintenance?! That PFs is now back that not responding and crashing middle of the game and when i start the match it stuck with those loading screen.. but you have to fix it back that previous one without maintenance before 9am PST 24th july Damn?! i hate with...
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    Bug - Crash i play 2 matches and i crashed the game

    my only limit was 2 matches but if i had 1 more match i crashed the game it only appeared " Thats a Wrap! " has big fonts and it froze the game
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    Bug - Crash Logged out the game?

    When it start to happend had i play many times but this had problem from rebooted from low battery because my phone litteraly old in 5 years and this happends i got logged out in the game and the file data still there. that i check on settings but the resource data is redownloading... i hate to...