• [2018/06/22]
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    Other Hack program users

    Too many users use hacking programs in this game. Several users are constantly reporting, but the problem is not resolved. In addition, users cannot know whether users who use illegal programs were punished. I want to know if you have any intention of revealing the list of punished users.
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    Resolved deals X% bonus damage per COMBO HIT bug

    A bug occurred while upgrading EPIC SAX in this patch. Previously, the skill or bounty effect that increased damage according to the combo was not specified, but there was a 50% limit like EPIC SAX. This time, as the unique ability of EPIC SAX is increased from 50% to 200%, the skills with such...
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    Characters Splitting image needs to be changed.

    Splitting image needs to be changed. Because her weaknesses are very limited. Many other defenders usually have several weaknesses. Lots of damage, armor break, down, heal block, buff remove..... However, the splitting image has very limited weaknesses due to its signature ability. The...
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    Bug - Normal My coin suddenly disappeared.

    My coin suddenly disappeared. I tried to buy a premiere relic from the cabinet, but the connection was unstable. Then I was reconnecting because it was still loading long time. And after reconnecting, the over 2 million coins I had had disappeared, leaving only 39 coins. I can't remember how...
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    Characters Parasoul`s Maequee ability Change.

    I was heard that the marquee ability of Parasoul was changed on the test server. Before Critical Thinking Parasoul gains a 5/15% bonus to CRIT RATE per ACTIVE TEAR. Critical Mass Parasoul gains a 20/40% bonus to CRIT DAMAGE per ACTIVE TEAR. After Critical Thinking Parasoul gains a X/25%...
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    Resolved Weird MegaCoin Pack Price

    I bought a Megacoin Pack for 65,000Won on may 23th. but The next day I heard that the same product was 37,000 won. I don't know how the price of a commodity can change in one day. This is very disappointing on me. I want to hear why you are selling products like this.
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    Bug - Normal HeadStrong and Understudy change stats.

    In the gold, Headstrong have aggressive stats and UnderStudy have balanced stats. In the diamond, these stats are reversed. UnderStudy have aggressive stats and Headstrong have balanced stats. Is this intended? I think this is a bug. This is not the information error of the fan site, but...
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    Other We need XP Boost On/Off function.

    12h XP Boost is cool. but we need XP boost on/off function. please help us.