• [2018/06/22]
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  1. fatfursatan

    Other Training Courses for Cards

    Proposition: Training Rooms Looks like: a shoddy, retro hotel split down the middle. Have fighters do basic combos against punching bags in each room. Function: any card placed in a training room will gain EXP slowly over time. They can't be used for other modes while training. Monetization...
  2. fatfursatan

    Other Making Theonite more attractive / watching Ads for Theonite

    I'd be happy to pay up for really good one-time deals. Like, idk, paying $5 for $20 worth of theonite. Or, getting a few silver or better rolls and a bunch of canopy coins for $10. Something like what Love Live does. This game's monetization seems like it was an afterthought--on one hand, whoo...
  3. fatfursatan

    What modifiers / abilities would you like to see?

    Clotted Scream Eliza Thrombophillia: 50% of the time you enter Sekhet Mode, instead heal all scratch damage and gain Defense Up for 10 seconds.
  4. fatfursatan

    Other Gold acquisition rates

    I think ideally, the cost of skill nodes would escalate MUCH slower, and the total cost of bronze and gold upgrades would be towed toward the center. Coin-centric daily events would help a lot, too. The problem for me isn't about the total cost to upgrade characters, exactly, but the...
  5. fatfursatan

    Other Having difficulty sustaining interest in game

    EDIT: I only started playing a bit after the hard launch. I never participated in any beta version. Now that I have 3 gold characters and can get high streaks, it feels like I beat the progression system already. The only thing I have problems with now are unflinching enemies at the end of...
  6. fatfursatan

    Other More customization settings for combat

    The more UI options, the better. I know I'd LOVE to get rid of that meddlesome Brain Drain once and for all...
  7. fatfursatan

    Fights On the subject of Invincible Fullscreen Unblockables

    I honestly like Unblockables since they guarantee damage at the cost of effectively having one less usable moveslot for most of the fight. They add an extra dimension to switchout moves and the use of assists. I've routinely found choosing which of my characters to sacrifice for an unblockable...
  8. fatfursatan

    What is BURST for?

    But moves shouldn't queue if I'M the one taking hits from an OPPONENT'S combo, right?
  9. fatfursatan

    Tier lists and build guides are cancer.

    Calling stuff 'cancer' is also tacky. Like, "this thing that sorta irks me in a game? Just as bad as the AIDS crisis." Also, tier lists... are often useful. They show you, generally, which chatacters are safest to use. BUT, in a mobile game without PvP, arguably a match-up guide would be a...
  10. fatfursatan

    Other Quick Play and the Complete Removal of the Mode

    The menu that eats the most of my team is the skill equipment menu. The biggest noticeable problems: Why can't I drag skills from the right menu to the skill palette on the left? I can drag them from the skill palette TO the right menu. Why is there a confirmation window for equipping skills...
  11. fatfursatan

    Also, the character token costs for skill nodes are the same.

    Also, the character token costs for skill nodes are the same.
  12. fatfursatan

    I need tips on leveling up and getting high tier characters

    Make do with training silvers when you get them. They'll be more than enough for the main story path as well as most of the higher difficulty ones.
  13. fatfursatan

    This game is brutally unfair/difficult

    Not gaining XP from losses really blows, especially with that story XP redcution. Also, I think you block as soon as the input registers, throughout the whole blocking animation. Your inputs might lag/drop noticeably of performance is bad. Computers just have really good reaction time. You...
  14. fatfursatan

    Did a 10+1 Parasoul Pull.

    Hey, No Egrets is great! Train that up and someday you'll have a monster of a gold. I have a Bad Ms Frosty with a similar effect at just silver, and she's a monster. I haven't done rigorous calculations, butttt I think you'll only get a gold 1/3 of the time from a 10+1 pull. So, what you got...
  15. fatfursatan

    Which bronze and silver characters are worth evolving?

    Uh, I guess I'm most curious about Rage Appropriate Painwheel. Is that based on experience with the character or theorycrafting? How long does the Enrage buff last once you get all 3 nodes?
  16. fatfursatan

    This game is brutally unfair/difficult

    I think the game could do a better job of easing you in, for sure, but I'll tell you right now: once you know your way around the game, you can frequently beat teams with 3x your Fighter Score if you play well. You can do Daily Events and Prize Fights to grind. But for the story mode? You...
  17. fatfursatan

    Which bronze and silver characters are worth evolving?

    Any elaboration on those and why similar silvers are less valuable? Like, enrage is super powerful, but isn't Rage Appropriate's requirement kinda steep?
  18. fatfursatan

    Which bronze and silver characters are worth evolving?

    I'm not sure how wide the stat disparity is between max level gold and silver characters. I've also seen wide stat disaprities between same-leveled characters of the same type and rank, seemingly based on the power of thwir signatures (Hair Apparent and Bad Ms. Frosty). BUT, based on their...
  19. fatfursatan

    Fights Timeout needs to go to the higher HP%

    I've had fights time out due to various bugs frequently. If only for this reason, time-outs should go to the highest HP %age team.
  20. fatfursatan

    Source of Theonite?

    I've gotten into the top 1-10% of players with only silver characters in Gold pride fights and same for Silver pride fights with bronze characters. You can get 50k+ in Gold prize fight with high Fight Score teams with casual play, which seems to be enough to 1-10% right now.