• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Arkantos

    Fights GG and Forfeiting in PVP

    Could you please change the 'quit' button in PVP to a 'forfeit' button so that when someone runs away from defeat online, it will automatically count as a victory to the other player. 'Losing connection' is still a problem I see a lot in PVP. The other guy either rage quits, doesn't have the...
  2. Arkantos

    Defensive Moveset?

    I'm asking for help regarding some characters that I generally use for defense in Rift battles. What moves would you equip to a purely defensive Valentine? What about Robo-Fortune?
  3. Arkantos

    Private Dick and the New Sub-Stats

    One of PD Big Band's abilities is a natural 50% resistance to all debuffs. Because this is a special ability, I'm wondering if it is affected by moves with an Accuracy sub-stat? Will moves with a Resistance sub-stat stack over the SA? I really don't know and I'm hoping one of you will.
  4. Arkantos

    Story An Open Letter to Hidden Variable: Origin Stories

    Hello, everyone. Thank you for taking the time to read (and that is a big thank you, because this is going to be lengthy). I’m writing this because I see an opportunity in the game’s future that I really don’t want to see squandered. I may already be too late, but I hopefully this doesn’t fall...
  5. Arkantos

    Celebrating my new SG

    I just had to post it somewhere so here we go: At long last, after playing this game since its earliest days, after dropping tens of thousands of theonite on Valentine relics, after dropping money on this game for the first time ever to afford some shamrock relics, I finally have a Surgeon...
  6. Arkantos

    Bug - Normal Bio-Exorcist's ability no longer works

    Title says it all. I was just battling in 'A Head of the Game' with my fully powered Bio-Exorcist Squigly. She was fully charged, and at no point was she inflicted with Hex. Yet, three times, she was killed in battle instead of reviving with 50% health like she was supposed to. I had to revive...