• [2018/06/22]
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  1. KillInvestor

    Characters Characters in quick game

    Please to make quick in-game characters for awards has varied. For example Cerebella: now the Harlequin, the following Armed Forces, and the next Brain Freeze
  2. KillInvestor

    Other Delete time!!!

    At high levels of difficulty it is impossible to defeat the enemy in 3 minutes. Remove time from the game!!! Or Do at least 5 minutes!!!!!!
  3. KillInvestor

    Other Elemental Relics

    The second weekend I didn't get a elemental relic. I did not receive the relic of water and the relic of fire. What's the matter? Nick in the game KillInvestor
  4. KillInvestor

    Fights Difficulty of artifical intelligence

    Overall the game is excellent. But, there is one moment which is very annoying, ruins the entire game, and can put a rating of 1 out of 10. This difficulty of artificial intelligence. In most cases, he is invincible, and when you think that you beat him, he wins. My Golden Double rainbow blight...
  5. KillInvestor

    When add a Double?

    In a computer game, Double, my favorite character. Please tell me how soon will add the mobile version of this hero?