• [2018/06/22]
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    Collection "Your Fighter Collection is full!"

    This message appears no matter what kind of relic I am trying to open, including catalyst, move and Take A Break relics.
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    Bug - Normal IP still not counting towards 10 Gold Characters Accolade

    This is not a bug but iRdc at this point after bringing this to you people's attention multiple times. I know the last update accounted for the Shiny Accolade with IP. I have a regular one. Here are the simple facts. I started playing July of this year. IP was my first Gold ever, at level...
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    Fights Patient Zero Disable BBs + Disable Tags + Immobilize

    Until now, Patient Zero was merely very annoying. Now it is an effing nightmare. I would have included Heavy Bleed but didn't; want to sound whiny. But this is just evil. Can it be made so that only any two of Disable BBs or Specials, Disable Tag-ins, and Immobiize can be generated by Patient...
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    Other Start of Rift Season Opponent Pool and Accolade Problem

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    Plot Idea: Skullgirl Minette :(

    So I came up with a great plot idea. Skullgirl Minette. I know, it would be tragic, but awesome. So Minette wishes on the Skullheart for a castle, or a pirate ship, or a pretty rock, or a scuba man, or something like that. Then she turns into the Skullgirl. Ms Fortune feels guilty that she...
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    Bug - Normal Not exactly a bug but...RNG is broke

    So I have about 180 bronzes, no more than a fifth of which are from character relics and at most three are from bronze PF. This includes sacced and evolved bronzes and the bronzes required to evolve. I will be generous and assume every one of them besides the aforementioned fifth came from...
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    Resolved Evolution Guide Attached

    Here is something I have been working on since I started playing. It's a few days later than I had hoped to post it, but it's ready now! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eGqpf3Io6ctDVP8gRyiN2vU9rHnLBI1t/view?usp=sharing...
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    Collection Desperate for a sort-by-fighter function in Collection viewer

    Here is my reddit post, followed by a simpler version of the math My severe OCD demands that I evolve each bronze to silver and gold and maybe diamond, meaning 3-4 of each fighter in the end, same for natural silver, etc...but... B: 2 per fighter B>S: 2b+6b = 8b per fighter B>G: (2b+6b)+10s =...
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    Would you believe me if I said I am Lvl33 and have never gotten Rough Copy?

    I got Inner Pieces at lvl20 in my first week of playing, Last Hope the very next day, and just this week in two days I got Blue Screen then Thrill Shrieker and Night Terror. And yet never have I gotten a Rough Copy. SGM gimme some Rough Copies dammit! Or you can, you know, do what you...
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    Halloween Event Alterations Due to Quarantine?

    Will the Halloween PF have a lower Milestone requirement for Squiggly Necrobreaker, since there have been no opportunities to get her at events?
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    Characters Can we have a variant suggestion sticky?

    MCoC's Forum has a character suggestion thread that is admittedly filled with stupid and vague characters, but that's because there is a huge preexisting selection to choose from. I think it would be nice to have something similar for SGM. I have heard people on Reddit and in chat express their...
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    Attacking Right After Opponent Stops Blocking or Breaks my Throw

    I am mostly a defensive player, so I am always blocking at the start, but I usually end up getting comfortable with the opponent I am fighting and either win easily or lose massively. I have developed two strategies to avoid the latter: 1. If the opponent breaks my Throw, I try to use a special...
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    Fights Throw Mechanics

    I have serious trouble getting in throws. I think the two-finger mechanic for throws is awkward and unnecessarily laborious. It would be much better if only one finger was necessary (and I don't mean hold one finger down and swipe with the other, which also functions for a throw) since you can't...
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    Bug - Normal Randomly Disappearing Cards

    So I'm scrolling through my cards in my Collection and suddenly on of the cards vanishes and I see the background. I scroll on and when I can't see the space where the vanished one was anymore another one, in a totally different spot, vanishes as well. I scroll back. The first one is still gone...
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    Bug - Normal Not exactly a bug, just an oversight: Accolades

    I got a gold fighter from a friend gift but the collection accolade Gold Fighter achievement hasn't been fulfilled. You can see the gold fighter as my profile pic.
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    Fights After mistaking Fukua for a Shiny Filia

    So I was fighting an AI Fukua and thought it was a shiny Filia. This got me thinking: how about on rare occasions the opponent is Shiny and gives double experience?
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    Characters Special moves menu

    It would be nice if we could have something like Marvel FF where you can see the characters perform special moves, rather than just their basic moves.
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    What do I do now?

    Up until now this was a GREAT game. I could deal with the overly-fast-paced mechanics regarding blockbreaking and parrying them, and the really counterintuitive two-fingers-to-block, but now I've hit a wall. I'm broke (600 gold, 0 crystals), I've completed everything that can be done with my...