• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Saint2th

    Fights Improvements: General

    I've noticed a couple things in this game that I believe can be improved; primarily things that have been noted by other players, but things that I have also noticed myself. So here's my suggestions on what can make fighting better, by only modifying mechanics – not adding any. TL;DR: 1. MGR...
  2. Saint2th

    The Best Characters in the Game: by Tier, Character

    UPDATED FOR 1.2.1 with CONSIDERATION to 1.2.2. Disclaimer: This information isn't concrete; however, it is fairly reliable, as it uses information gathered from players of all levels in the Skullgirls Discord's mobile channel. The information is partially ordered by tier placing only: (e.g...
  3. Saint2th

    What modifiers / abilities would you like to see?

    There's a ton of modifiers in this game, so occasionally in the Skullgirls Discord's mobile channel we discuss potential modifiers / abilities that can be useful. So I'm making this thread so players can come up with their own hypothetical modifiers and abilities for fun. Posts aren't limited...
  4. Saint2th

    Understanding Peacock: Tips & Tricks, Advanced Combos

    UPDATED FOR 1.2.1 TL;DR best vars. Untouchable (MAIN: 15% no damage on hit or on block, also gains unflinching for 6 seconds) Peashooter (TEAM: 50% projectile dmg boost, 15% armor break for 6 seconds chance for projectile only) best build. 1. Impending Doom 2. Argus Agony 3. George's Day Out...