• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Shambles88

    Bug - Normal Cheater / Hacker Reporting

    ScreenShot taken at 28 August 2019, 16:19 GMT -3
  2. Shambles88

    New Fighters Spotted at EVO 2019

    oh your right, i just saw him in the daily and remembered lol
  3. Shambles88

    New Fighters Spotted at EVO 2019

    https://twitter.com/sgmobile/status/1157696475586973697 In the second image i see a fighter below Rainbow and next to Heavy Metal that i dont recognize. Anyone see what fighter is?
  4. Shambles88

    Hex Debuff

    Stage Fright can apply hex when the enemy is at 25% of hp
  5. Shambles88

    How to deal with futile resistance

    I would say that xeno is the best option in there, you will lose the bonus for the BB finish, but you will clear the node. Another way to go is to have a good diamond that do extra damage based on something else, like Toad Warrior and her DaF, or some Pultergust with drag and drop and daisy...
  6. Shambles88

    Double Trouble - Beginner Tricks and Tips for Double

    Hey Gamma, great tips you made! I have a question for you: once i gain the right element i find myself having trouble to not turtle and lose my element. Do you have any advice on this? Any BB or SM that can help to intercept the dash of the enemy so i wont depend on blocking? Thanks!
  7. Shambles88

    OFFICIAL: 3.2.1 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    @Liam I have a question regarding the Eliza BB3. I have seen that can be interrupted by stun and death in mid combo. There is a fix for that? As I understand all BB3 will be unblockeable and unstoppable.
  8. Shambles88

    OFFICIAL: Robo Fortune Release and Possible New Characters

    i live in a third world country but i will give a few dollars (many pesos) to get some more characters!!!!!
  9. Shambles88

    Boxcar combo extend

    sometimes when a big fighter falls after the juggle it bounce against the screen and the boxcar impact before they get up so you cant combo. If you see that bounce you can use impendind doom and argus agony to end the combo better
  10. Shambles88

    Buffed Sheltered

    I made a gold one to have a diamond primed and i played a little and it went really well, almost all combos end up with a 5 stack of rage and quickly killing the enemy. Now i feel a little sad for the sacrifece but im sure i will make other gold sheltered, since it pairs great with my Dragon...
  11. Shambles88

    Diamond Wall

    Im so close to get my diamond primed, only a couple more of silver in lvl 40 and done. Sure i have grindend a lot but i hope i can have the extra punch i feel im missing
  12. Shambles88

    Diamond Wall

    I cant choose one (Some days i say Bane and the other i say Primed hahah), and the worst thing is that the pf for both where at the same time then the seasonal beatings so i didnt even put a good fight for the golds.
  13. Shambles88

    Diamond Wall

    in MOST of the nodes im able to win with basic strategy. The armour is where rusty really shines (i have to try the doubleicious one now). The Diva is also my pick to the inmunity one same as my Bloody Valentine for the stun one (the one with 3) Last couple of battle i found a SG supporting the...
  14. Shambles88

    Diamond Wall

    Hey Fellow Players! I found myself stuck somehow in the game. I Already have 5 GOld Fighters with Marquee, other 3 at 48 and kinda 10 golds between 45/35. And 1 natural diamond peacock. So im Gold1 in rift, and i keep losing battles, not because i lose fights, insted i cant get past the evolved...
  15. Shambles88

    Bug - Crash Can't open the Game

    I can play now. But it seems a little slower than usual.
  16. Shambles88

    Bug - Crash Can't open the Game

    Hi guys. I was playing a rift battle and I win the first node. I leave my phone, get dressed and when I try to keep playing the app restart and is frozen in the authorization phase. I close the app and open again but the same thing happens. I restarted my phone and still is happening. I...
  17. Shambles88

    Bug - Normal Rewards of the Rift Battles

    Hi guys. I didn't get the rewards of the last rift battle season. I did the 7 match's but in my inbox I didn't receive any message about the rift battles.
  18. Shambles88

    Rift battle boss node dreadlocks fillia

    i did. I have to fight a Diamond Bio and a Diamond Rainbow. It was nightmare. I barely win that rift, just because the other player also had trouble fighting my boss node (win the rift by 400 points)
  19. Shambles88

    Rift battle boss node dreadlocks fillia

    With Bloodbath being Dark and Dreadlock being Light., does the Elemental Disadvantage exist? I didnt try this so can please someone confirm? Also, Doom isnt trasfered? Thats great news! I can put dooms to any fighter regardless the element? Does the Bleed of the Xeno's death applies the same?
  20. Shambles88

    Fights Suggestion - Survival Fights

    SO! after a while in the forum i read a lot of feedback on GI Jazz and his tagout, the lack of utility in most Vals, and the Meow and Furever Final Stand. I was thinking of how to use all potential on this fighters and the new rift battles. Maybe we can add a node where the fighters we put in...