• [2018/06/22]
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  1. SheriffNick

    [Early impressions guide] Holodecks and how to best go through them

    This is really useful. I have been using Class Cutter Filia, Rusty Painwheel, Dark Might Beowulf, and Jawbreaker the most for clearing with 3rd slot being whoever I am trying to level. Anytime beyond the first node I try to solo clear it I have regretted it. I tried using my Assassin's greed...
  2. SheriffNick

    Starting Rifts

    Ok thanks! this was really helpful. I got pointers on where to invest in my roster in discord and I actually have Assassin's greed almost maxed unlocked. with Last Hope next on my investment priority for Valentine.
  3. SheriffNick

    Starting Rifts

    I haven't really been able to find or maybe know what to search exactly. I am just starting rifts finally as my roster has started to flesh itself out. I dont really have much for catalysts and every single Rift I have faced is loaded with golds on every node making my base in comparison a...
  4. SheriffNick

    Let's Be Friends!

    Ign is Sheriff Nick. Always looking for more friends to swap gifts with
  5. SheriffNick

    Revolutionary Relic

    congratz on the Freedom Fighter @BallotBoxer . I was unfortunately "blessed" with 1 Pyro Valentine, 6 Bombers, and 16 doubles after all my relics. No freedom fighter for this guy unless RNGsus blesses my PF relic.
  6. SheriffNick

    Revolutionary Relic

    @Sairus I pulled a 4pk. I got 2 blue bombers and 2 of the pink doubles. No Beowulf or Valentine exclusives sadly.
  7. SheriffNick

    Special Valentine's Day Prize Fight

    I only managed to grind enough points to get the bare minimum prize of a relic after the event. That valentine relic happened to give me my first Last Hope gold valentine, so that's awesome. BUT the milestones felt very out my reach for a one day event and only having so many golds/golds with...