• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Bannou Neko

    Bug - Normal lag....error....7min~10min for one match

    after the new update...it is pretty lag~ it take 3~5min for waiting match After Halloween event, server lag get worse. it takes 7~10 mins for a match start to end, and take "2~3 error code 0" issue per match
  2. Bannou Neko

    Bug - Normal login issue!? I think I lost my account Data...

    the last update get me some issue, Samsung S8+ will reboot when I idle the game for few minutes, so I reset the phone( not the factory reset, just reset from setting option). when I open skullgirls app, it want me login, so I login with my gmail account (this gmail already verified and bind...
  3. Bannou Neko

    Bug - Normal fragment frame on characters selection screen after update

    I'm use Samsung S8+ last major update I notice something weird on team selection screen characters animation have this 0.1 sec flicker frame, and I don't know why?!
  4. Bannou Neko

    Bug - Normal Filia Stage background glitch

    last update I found the black gap in the background, also a weird tangle cut on the tree in middle ground( it has been there for while).
  5. Bannou Neko

    Collection library of character& moves, reward system...etc

    I think about an easy way to check characters & moves & catalysts in the game. How many character/move/catalysts I unlock & lock, and quick check character animations and abilities (just like you click player checking profile, and you can see their fighter SA/MA). Library can also combine with...
  6. Bannou Neko

    Collection Quick sell button when open move relics

    When I open 10 move relics, I have no idea what I got! it didn't show any information about the move, and you can only see the details on move collection it is hard to track all the move when you open it I have 2 suggestions might help to organized moves in collection 1.(sample.jpg) when open...
  7. Bannou Neko

    Other I think about "XP Feedback Mechanism"

    I don't use characters for power up, only for evolve, and I try to get many Skill Points as I can. In Prize Fight (gold), I usually use 1~2 Max Lvl of Gold or Diamond to carry low Lvl characters depend on longshot or streak. It take lots of time(8~10hrs/day)!, and Max Lvl characters will waste...
  8. Bannou Neko

    Bug - Normal Cere's Battle Butt V.S. Valentine's Charge Attack

    Cerebella's "Battle Butt" against Valentine's Hold up charge attack(Unblockable Purchased!), they pass through each other, with no damage!
  9. Bannou Neko

    Fights "Surrender Button" in Rift Battle!

    play rift battle, 70% chance, I keeping get smashed by lower Lvl player with super crazy AI combos, defeat my all top characters in 30 mins..... I know I can't finish it, and your opponent already clear your base in 30mins! In that moment, I wish there is a "Surrender Button" to quick end this...
  10. Bannou Neko

    Other I'm think about fighter experience feed back!

    After the update, Prize Fight getting more excited and deadly ! Once you triggered streak modifiers, you might just get killed in 30 sec No Mercy!~XD It is getting harder to lvl up low lvl character in prize fight or event fight (especially Accursed Experiments) I'm the player wanna get all...
  11. Bannou Neko

    Bug - Normal weird bug can't do Bronze Fight

    I was doing Medici Crime Spree, somehow Bronze Fight lock same team as Medici fight, so I can't do anything.Can't click fight button, I try to lose fight in silver, gold, and Medici fight, but bronze still lock same team!
  12. Bannou Neko

    Bug - Normal Daily Events is not available

    daily events is lock, and the time is not correct shows 1d23h42m
  13. Bannou Neko

    I hope moves button can change the location

    I use S8+, my hand is not big, the move button(4&5) is very hard to click! I had 45% rate miss the click during PF (stack 8~1x) because the AI attack get fast & crazy! I hope, I can manage move button location or simply just move 4&5 button to the top roll like the picture I post! P.S...
  14. Bannou Neko

    Bug - Normal Town Stage background tree get cut off a corner

    phone: S8+ I just found another background error, looks like background tree has masking error!
  15. Bannou Neko

    Bug - Normal Airship Art Layer Mistake on New Meridian Rooftops

    I got higher rate to lose the game at Roof top stage because of this distraction~XD! As a concept artist / Graphic designer (used to be an engineering drafting), this is give me a distraction, once I see it I can't unseen this error ~XD! I hope team can fix this very minor mistake _(;3」∠)_
  16. Bannou Neko

    Glitch? 7.5 mil didn't get the event rewards on Valentine PF "Gold"(12/25-12/28)?

    I work hard on this event, play 10~15 hrs per day on silver PF and gold PF!(really want get a gold Valentine) I reach 7.5 million on Valentine 's Gold PF (12/25-12/28), but I didn't get any event rewards mail ! I did get Valentine PF "Silver" (score 1026814) 1%~10% event rewards. Is it a glitch...