• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Shambles88

    Diamond Wall

    Hey Fellow Players! I found myself stuck somehow in the game. I Already have 5 GOld Fighters with Marquee, other 3 at 48 and kinda 10 golds between 45/35. And 1 natural diamond peacock. So im Gold1 in rift, and i keep losing battles, not because i lose fights, insted i cant get past the evolved...
  2. Shambles88

    Bug - Crash Can't open the Game

    Hi guys. I was playing a rift battle and I win the first node. I leave my phone, get dressed and when I try to keep playing the app restart and is frozen in the authorization phase. I close the app and open again but the same thing happens. I restarted my phone and still is happening. I...
  3. Shambles88

    Bug - Normal Rewards of the Rift Battles

    Hi guys. I didn't get the rewards of the last rift battle season. I did the 7 match's but in my inbox I didn't receive any message about the rift battles.
  4. Shambles88

    Fights Suggestion - Survival Fights

    SO! after a while in the forum i read a lot of feedback on GI Jazz and his tagout, the lack of utility in most Vals, and the Meow and Furever Final Stand. I was thinking of how to use all potential on this fighters and the new rift battles. Maybe we can add a node where the fighters we put in...
  5. Shambles88

    Bug - Crash Freeze animation on Beowolf attack

    I was playing the dark pf, so I got a fighter with doom. Then an enemy Beowolf tag in and make a BB throw. In the middle of the BB animation my Eliza dies and the animation freezes. I can't make any move and the clock keeps going. Finally I surrendered. I have a Moto Z Play. With Android 8.0.0
  6. Shambles88

    Bug - Normal PF without special effect

    In the last PF of Fillia i had found that at random, fightes started the fight without the effect of the PF. I have seen one time in my fighters and 3 on the enemy, but always was a fighter starting fight.
  7. Shambles88

    Bug - Normal Reinstall the App after update

    After the release of an update, i update the app via playstore but the when i try to open the app the game stuckl in the loading screen. Im forced to delete the app, reboot the android and install the app again. I start playing in march, and every update i had the same issue. Im running the game...
  8. Shambles88

    Substat question

    I was wondering if the substat of the SM or BB are fixed or randomly generated. If are fixed maybe there are 5 or so sets of substat for each SM or BM. If they are random that means that i can farm moves so in the long run i could have a Gold SM with 3% ATK 3%HP 3% meter gain?
  9. Shambles88

    What is the Level of Player

    Im a bit confused over this. My Player Level is the level of my higher fighter?