• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Isoco3

    Collection Preset combination of moves.

    lots of people have the same issue, i have 3 diamond doubles, but i only have 1 combination of 5 moves worth using in the rift battle, every time i use one i need to change every move one by one and find each. I suggest you guys could create a "preset" option which i could save at least 3...
  2. Isoco3

    Other Add confirmation in buys using theonite

    i lost a sequence in prize fights almost in the end of time of the "event" but when the offer to recover my sequence appeared i missclicked in yes, then i wasted lots theonite, if it had a confirmation after the button it would be a lifesaver.
  3. Isoco3

    Bug - Normal Back to school relics ratios seems odd

    I got in the top 100 in this event just to win the rewards, but what i got in the relics was too unusual, i got 5 Graveyard Shift valentines, what is the probability to this happen? i think its a bug, here the screenshots: