• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Erick Draves

    Other We should be able to see our position in prize fights and rift battles before it ends

    Weeeeeeeeeell, it´s kinda "imposible". Well, is posisble, actually, but it would a meanless tons of works for the servers. If you have noticed, the prizes for PF and RIFT are not given instantly after the event ends, that´s because the server has to arrange all the points in order to...
  2. Erick Draves

    Bug - Normal "Error conecting server" and Streak lost

    Problem just happened to me again. The game enters a fight, and then it stays in the loading screen, and its stays there like 2 minutes, and then the warning, you might think it will be the "be bop miau, we cannot conect, try again?" one, but instead it shows the "Were having problems to connect...
  3. Erick Draves

    Bug - Normal "Error conecting server" and Streak lost

    @Bones My good man, I found someone with this particular problem, so much punished by it, that he could take a screenshot of the error: (There are problems to connect to the internet, (OK), Error code: 0) "Chaconx730" uses a Samsung A5 (A "classic" model), refering using a good internet...
  4. Erick Draves

    Bug - Normal Valentine -100% meter syringe

    Valentine´s syringe VIAL HAZARD: Type A is removing all 100% opponent meter, instead of only taking arond 25%-35%-???% (mine is level 7) on hit or block. It´s really, really usefull, like wooooooow.... it´s a great buff, game changer, best meter control EVER!!!... And... well... You know...
  5. Erick Draves

    Bug - Normal "Error conecting server" and Streak lost

    Thanks, a lot of people would be very happy now with that. As for me, I will put all my atention in the next failure to see if I can catch any more info about this case (Hoping this patch be the real end of it). Thanks for the hard work, happy hollydays Mr. Bones!
  6. Erick Draves

    Bug - Normal "Error conecting server" and Streak lost

    I was playing the Gold Annie PF, and selected a team to fight, then the loading screen apeared, but it lasted more than usual, and the "Error conecting to our servers, please try again" apeared (Not shure if it was the classic beep buup miau error. your energy was not consumed, clicked actually...
  7. Erick Draves

    OFFICIAL: Halloween Art Contest 2020

    In the rules is written: "Skullgirls Mobile is rated T for Teen, so your contest entries should be the same!" Good luck!!
  8. Erick Draves

    Can’t retrieve account

    Hello! I´m in the same line here, but for the account of my little boy... (Older daughter alredy knows that power up sacrifice is EVIL). Hope you get some help soon!
  9. Erick Draves

    Probably the most important thread in this forum

    I don´t know... but from the client side, the most dangerous thing would be hacking = definitive data lost. Other things like changing passwords or emails also can lead to "lose" your account, but is pretty safe becasue you can ask for a new password, and email I think they ask for confirmation...
  10. Erick Draves

    This is just a game, if you lose, you take like a champ, and get better at it if you like it!!

    This is just a game, if you lose, you take like a champ, and get better at it if you like it!!
  11. Erick Draves


    I REALLY LIKED THEM!!! Good work! Sorry for the late late late reply :(>
  12. Erick Draves

    Annie Color Palette Ideas

    I´ll repost my entries here (THis is not in anyway any kind of spam!!) XD Kratos, Ban, Sailor Moon (She is a strong bet for Annie), Paraoul (Obviously, because is our favorite princess!!), Valentine (Same, but ninja nurse) And Bubblegum Princess... because is never enough princeses...
  13. Erick Draves


    Oh thank you for your words Mr Kind Sr. Stone!! Don´t think they burn a chance for a color pallete to make a "Actually this is a reference to one of our same characters" a third time, But, Valentine Annie as a good support is something I would love to see!! More palletes?? What do you have in...
  14. Erick Draves


    But.... Parasoul makes a Annie Cosplay, so that´s why It would be kinda funny if she makes a Parasoul cosplay too... Valentine was made just for fun, and eye patches XD, And bubblegum Princess is a must because "Vampire Monster Marceline" Sagan looks cool XD Actually, everything here is made...
  15. Erick Draves


    Long story Short, here are my bets in annie color variants... What characters do you think she will make reference to in her paletes?? Thanks for wathing!!
  16. Erick Draves

    Bug - Normal Rift Reward Disappeare

    Lo dicho, los desarrolladores lo hicieron de nuevo. Se volaron la barda. Ahora si, te perdono, vete tranquilo muchacho, y juega limpio. PAX
  17. Erick Draves

    Bug - Normal Rift Reward Disappeare

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH!!! Cuales consecuencias? Ya dijeron que te vas a quedar llorando sin nada? NO? entonces callese y esperse que de todas formas no te queda de otra XDDDD
  18. Erick Draves


  19. Erick Draves

    Bug - Normal Rift Reward Disappeare

    A ver señorito. Escribes como si tuvieras 13 años, o peor. Si no sabes que es un juego de gatcha te informo que CUALQUIER reliquia tiene ciertos porcentajes al obtener un personaje. 82% es una taza muy alta, asi que lo normal es que te salgan mas BRONCES QUE NADA. Pero eso no significa que de...