• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Ryan Harrison

    SGM Screenshots

    This is a thread to post any and all sgm screenshots you think look cool/funny. Here are some of mine https://imgur.com/gallery/SGrpX
  2. Ryan Harrison

    Bug - Normal Grab bag whiffing.

    I'm on an iPhone 7+ running ios 10.3.3. After using diamond dynamo Then Pummel horse the first hit of grab bag will hit then the rest will whiff. It happens on everyone but cerebella and parasoul. I'm willing to answer any questions!
  3. Ryan Harrison

    Lonesome lenny

    Is it usable anywhere other than the corner and if so where and how because it doesn't seem like any of the other bbs push him.
  4. Ryan Harrison

    Bug - Normal Valentines countervenoms.

    I'm playing on an iPhone 7 plus running on ios10.3.3. Whenever I use one of valentines countervenoms while standing above a ko'd body it just hits the body and pushes it slightly above the ground. The damage numbers pop up but the character i'm fighting doesn't actually take any damage and just...
  5. Ryan Harrison

    Does dead cross have invincibility?

    I just avoided all damage from a diamonds are forever while using dead cross Like it didn't even happen.
  6. Ryan Harrison

    Are scribble cats a thing in this game?

    I used lock and load on a private dick big band and a cat popped out and now I feel like I'm going crazy because I've haven't been able to reproduce it.