• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Al Qedic

    Bug - Normal Parasoul and The Invisible Zombie

    So, the first fight of the first section of No Shelter--Expert. I try and do a ground combo with my Heavy Reign against the opposing Bio Exorcist, which worked as normal, but upon trying a grab...well... Yeah, that happened. Squigly shrinks down to a little clump of pixels, totally untouchable...
  2. Al Qedic

    Bug - Normal Squigly Tombstone Bug

    Similar to how Squigly would revive herself and proceed to try and fight me after the round is already over, it seems her tombstone is a tad rambunctious, as well. Though, I think this makes enough sense; the Parasoul that the tombstone seems to want to back away from was the last enemy to be...
  3. Al Qedic

    Bug - Normal Bio-Exorcist reanimates after match end

    First two nodes of Ghoul's Night Out -- Expert. Bio-Exorcist's SA caused her to reanimate after the round was over and I had already won. In one case, (the bottom node) she was the first to die, and so reanimated herself and proceeded to attack my Parasoul in her win pose. In the second case...
  4. Al Qedic

    Bug - Normal "Extra" Daily Relic

    Went to open my daily relic just a few minutes ago. To my surprise, I was given the option to "open another". The first one opened like normal, and the "extra" relic began its opening animation before booting me to the relic screen like it should have. Dunno what could have caused this, and I...
  5. Al Qedic

    Bug - Normal Grabbed Peacock out of BB3

    Similar to what's been reported of Eliza (in this thread, for example), I managed to throw a Peacock to death, even when she initiated an Unblockable. Main Attraction -- Advanced, the Untouchable Peacock fight in the Medici Tower section. I've got a Silver Heavy Reign Parasoul and a Silver Grey...
  6. Al Qedic

    Resolved "Growing Pains" Tortured Relic Glitch

    Just 100% completed the "Downtown" section of "Growing Pains -- Advanced" and got a Tortured Relic as expected. Went to open it, only for the relic opening screen to not show the relic's model. All other graphics and the BGM were unaffected. Figured maybe it was taking a second (for whatever...
  7. Al Qedic

    Other SGM Chat Filtering Feedback

    I'm sure many a Hidden Variable dev have already been notified of this by players, and I'm sure plenty of others on here have touched on this same issue by now. Maybe this will largely be patched with the next update. Regardless...the new chat feature in the game has a bit of a glaring problem...
  8. Al Qedic

    PF Defense Team Question

    Do Defense Team wins count towards the Spotlight daily mission? I.e. If I use a Double in a defense team, and that team wins in a fight, will that count as 1 of the 3 fights won with a Double needed to fulfill that daily mission?
  9. Al Qedic

    Bug - Normal Blacked-out images & text

    Just opened the app to this. Normally when this occurs, it happens to text (I.e.Fighter Scores, the word "Story" itself, etc. are blacked-out), but this is the first I've seen this happen to any actual graphics, so to speak. I have the most recent version, on Android. Closing and reopening the...