• [2018/06/22]
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    Bug - Normal Stand Out Nekhbet Breaker bug

    So Stand Out SA heal does not trigger when using Nekhbet Breaker when even grabs heal her.
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    Rift score reset ruined diamond and gold 1 rank

    So since they implemented the rift score reset to 2000 high rank has turned into a shitshow where gold 1 players keep getting matched against diamond 1. I do understand the reason for the reset, avoiding huge point gaps between top players, but the reset have only made fights compleatly unfair...
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    Other Take rank into account for rift matchmaking

    Now that everyone that was over 2000 score gets reset to 2000 at start pf every season I think last season rank should be taken into account for matchmaking so things like the following don't happen
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    Boxcar combo extend

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    Bug - Normal No team on selection

    So for some unknown reason after a fight went to start a new one and got greeted by this I was able to select new fighter, but got curious and went back to main menu to try training to see what would happen. So the main menu was just a black screen, but the buttons were still there since I was...
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    Resolved Big band event modifiers activating in 1 hit

    In big band event all the fight modifiers can trigger in just 1 jit, meaning that it can go from no buffs to armor, unflinching and invencible in just 1 hit. I am not 100% sure if this can be counted as bug, but posting this since Resonant Evil SA was changed so it could not activate both parts...
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    Freeze Frame SA name change

    So I think Freeze frame SA should be named Perfect Freeze in honot of her pallete reference. Opinions?
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    Other Rift battles boss node with light and dark

    So my main problem is that light and dark do not count as disadvantage against each other, making them impossible to counter in the boss node of the rift fight. Light and Dark should count as disadvantage against each other or the modifier changed to "when on elemental advantage reflect all...
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    Rift battles

    Ok, so I will post here all we know about rift battles. You make your own "map" putting your fighters in nodes like an event. When fighting an enemy rift map you may only use each of your fighters once, also it takes no energy to do fights there. You only have 2 free rift battles entries...
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    Resolved How many shards does a fighter give?

    So how many shards for silver and gold does every fighter gives
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    New double variant preview

    https://twitter.com/sgmobile/status/1052012296170627072?s=20 SA seems to be copy enemy buffs on transmutation on the same element as them and gain 5 precision stacks on enemy tag out
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    New peacock variant preview

    https://twitter.com/sgmobile/status/1050901601915817984?s=20 Seems like random debuff on move use and deals damage on death, probably nased on number on debuffs
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    New beowulf variant preview

    https://twitter.com/sgmobile/status/1050556716637609984?s=20 Regen chance when getring hit and bleed on hitting, either only on hype mode or when having regen on
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    Bug - Normal Error 3.UDE.20

    So I won a pf and it says error conecting to server with wreor 3.ude.20. No matter how much I retry it instantly says error and if I cancel I'm gonna lose my streak. Been trying for more than 10 minutes and still giving me error
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    Bug - Normal Valentine died by herself?

    So I was doing a the gold pf I killed the enemy inmoral fiver and her sa nuked my untouchable. Then the enemy untpuchable and my Valentine with full hp came in, I used Forbidden procedure to rez my Squigly then Valentine instantly died and counted me a loss even when my Squigly was resurrected...
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    Bug - Normal Fighter score does not update until after a fight

    So I gound out that since last update fs does not chamgr even when you buy half its skill tree until you have used it on a fight.
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    Should I level all silvers to max level before evolving?

    So I usualy level all bronzes I'm gonna use for evolution and I was asking myself if it is worth to do the same with silvers (currently working on getting gold squiglys for diamond)
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    First look at Ms. Fortune

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    PF score sistem disincentives leveling fighters there

    So PF are usually the best bet for leveling your low level fighters by putting them with a strong fighter to carry the fights, but the problem is that with the score calculation right now that makes you win way less points since points won depends on enemy score and your own team score. Should...
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    Other Make pause screen only unpause with resume button

    So I have a movile without back and home buttons, they are part of the touchscreen and since those hide when in fullescreen if I need to go home screen in the middle of the fight I need to swipe the bottom part of the screen to show the home "button" but with the game unpausing on touch of any...