• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Deeves

    Fights Rift Move Set Lock

    Hello devs / everyone, Is there a way that the moves I set in Rift remains the same even if I change my MOVE SET when I fight outside of Rift? I know the moves are locked whenever you start searching for some opponent in Rift but, after the Rift battle, I would eventually change the moves I...
  2. Deeves

    Total amount of Canopies and Skill Points

    I'm not even sure if I'm in the right section but I was actually hoping if somebody can give me a link or a rundown on how much is the total amount needed for fully upgrading a character's skill tree for Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond (no Marquee yet) with canopies and skill points. If it's...
  3. Deeves

    Bug - Normal Stuck after winning

    This happened today, November 5, 8:26am (GMT+8). After the match, I was waiting for George to show up but it didn't. Also, I just recently updated this app a few moments ago. The streak isn't that high but I was hoping to have this fixed as I've noticed I am not the only one who has this...
  4. Deeves

    Freedom Fighter!!! (Beowulf)

    Apparently, when I first saw him, I immediately searched for him in the SG-Mobile website to check it out and unfortunately he has no record there yet. Can somebody tell me if they found a new variant so far (aside from Kill Joy, Blue Bomber, Rouge Agent, & Djinn Frizz)? So I can save up my...