• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Junksick

    Resolved Can't login?

    Yup, getting error code 0 too. Would also like to mention that I was still logged in when the dailys had reset, and began to experience some slowdown when trying to upgrade a fighter, also getting errors when trying to enter matches. I restarted the app to see whether it would help or not, but...
  2. Junksick

    4.5.3 Update Notes (NOW AVAILABLE!)

    "Fixed an issue where players would lose their fights if the game closed unexpectedly when starting a fight." I can hopefully begin to make some meaningful progression in prize fights again, thank you.
  3. Junksick

    Bug - Crash Prize fight crash

    Awesome, thanks so much <3
  4. Junksick

    Bug - Crash Prize fight crash

    I'm also experiencing crashing while entering prize fight modes, and like others have mentioned, has only been happening since the Annie update. It will occur roughly one in twenty attempts at evtering a prize fight. Currently using a Samsung Galaxy S20+. The FPS lock seems to be a temporary...
  5. Junksick

    Fights Lag in fighting...

    okay so... the menu transition crash has happened twice in the past hour when entering a prize fight, resulting in a loss both times. The consistent frame rate issue was NOT occurring this time when i crashed, but frame drops do still occur, and i have to restart the app every so often to get...
  6. Junksick

    Fights Lag in fighting...

    Getting performance issues myself (in the form of ~<10fps). Using the latest android on a samsung s20+, All graphics set to max. Before the 4.4 update, had zero issues whatsoever with performance. There are some noticeable patterns; I have noticed that a lot of the performance struggle happens...