• [2018/06/22]
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    Resolved Assassin greed immortal

    Subj. I once encountered it in a rift battle, but then I though my fighter was just low on damage, and she survived on a couple of HP, but now it's apparent. Assassin greed can not die when she's benefitting from her regen SA (so when the opponent has bleed). I mean 10K FS AG with 1%ish HP...
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    Bug - Normal Meow sudoku by self-dismemberment

    subj Well, some explanation is in order. So I be drifting, and that guy has Bio, Claw and Meow on the boss node. I'm dropping with Polter, SK and SG. SG has Trauma Center, Polter is in front. I clear Bio and Claw, Meow drops, I proceed to beat her until she's at 1 HP with her Last Stand...
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    Bug - Normal Bio and Meow SA interaction

    This just in. Was fighting against a team with Bio and Meow. I kill Bio. She revives. I kill her again in about 5-7 seconds, she dies. Meow tags in. With Final Stand at the end of it's duration. So I get stunned by Meow SA immediately after she tags in without even hitting her, because her SA...
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    Bug - Normal Multiple permanents during Trick Or Treat

    It's not really game breaking (unless both sides get invul/last stand AND wither) but probably unintentional nonetheless. So, when you use a blockbuster the new permanent does not apply immediately, there's a certain window when both fighters have no permanents. If you manage to activate...
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    Need clarification on attack priority

    Initially I wanted to post it under known bugs & issues, but it's probably not a bug, so questions first. So I be Claw'n'Order chillin' round Yu-Wan's place, and here comes that Harequin bullrushing me with her Battle Butt, so I decide to Feral Edge her out of it... Next thing I know both of us...
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    Bug - Normal Rage of the Dragon VS Brain Freeze

    This is happening for the Nth time already, so here be bug reports. So I have Poltergust, now at 6Kish FS and around lvl45. I like to carry with her in PFs, and she has Rage Of The Dragon, the pseudo-120hit Squiggly BB3 (I imagine true 120hit move would leave any enemy with full meter for all...
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    Resolved Stun transfer due to doublicious SA mislabeled

    So, now we haz catatonia. It makes stuns. So I think okay, we haz doublicious, and she can transfer debuffs when being hit, so what's gonna happen when they meet? And here's what happens. Doublitious kills prey and get stunned, next challenger tags in, hits doublitious, stun gets transferred to...
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    Bug - Normal Not enough space for status effects

    It's not really a bug per se, just a side effect of the thousand plagues. So I have me a couple PW Filias with 50% crit rate. Naturally they put stun and sometimes bleed on hit. Naturally they do loads of hits per combo by design. Naturally I use them to carry via (near)permanent stunlock at...
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    Bug - Normal Move stat bonus bug

    So i have a PW filia with bonus crit rate on some moves. Among them is lvl 7 silver ringlet spike with +10% crit rate. For a total +32% crit rate on the character. I get a gold ringlet spike that has + crit rate. Naturally i upgrade the new one to lvl 6 with +15% crit rate and swap it with the...
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    GDO startup frames?

    Is it me, or after 1.5.0 update GDO has longer startup? At least I can't seem to be able to squeeze it after the ground combo (I typically go ground - GDO - Launcher - followup unless I can Ground - Doom - Launcher - GDO - followup). Or maybe I just got even worse and unlearned basic comboing...
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    Bug - Crash Error 204 on login

    I have LG G6 with Android 7.0 I used to play the game for about a month, logging in with the google account. Today I'm logging in to get daily bonuses/PF prizes e.t.c. The game for some reason starts to re-download game data prompting me to connect to WiFi (I thought it's version update or...