• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Art3mes

    [5.0.2] All Palette References (yes, with images)

    I was reading this thread about the references to character quotes and it's pretty good. But I couldn't find anywhere about palette references. There are some very iconic and great palette we got in this game. So, I thought, my time has come! After a very long break, it's done. I have taken the...
  2. Art3mes

    Bug - Normal Forum Down!?

  3. Art3mes

    [4.6] Holodeck Event: First Impression and Strategies

    How do I begin? 🤔 Holodeck is a great event which provides considerable amounts of EXP within small amounts of time. A dream for many. To me, the event looks the next level of Accursed Experiments but with more EXP in exchange for rewards. But it's not something you can just play around with...
  4. Art3mes

    Characters New Catalysts 🤭

    Here are some simple character exclusive catalysts. Annie: after X amount of time, fill Y amount of star power meter.(already having full star power, renders this catalyst useless) Beowulf: after X amount of time, gain 3 wulf stacks.(already having 3 wulf stacks, renders this catalyst useless)...
  5. Art3mes

    SGM Forums [Update 2021: Features]

    At first look, it's just overwhelming. But it's not after a minute or two. Key Changes: the ones that I encountered. (Mobile Version) 1. Full UI update. 2. You can change your name and email in the profile details section. 3. You can give reactions rather than just a "thumbs up". Try...
  6. Art3mes

    "FREEDOM FIGHTER" - General Strategy and Discussions

    After the update, this Beowulf variant got some nice buffing.And this is one of the many least discussed fighters in this forums. So, people who already had invested in him, what are your opinions? Should people invest in him? In which group do he belongs? Pure Offensive, Offensive-Defensive...
  7. Art3mes

    Fights Game Lagging [in some detail]

    The lagging started after the "Annie" update. The whole game is working fine, almost all characters are lag free. Except, somehow, Painwheel is not. Whenever I played with her, the game starts to lag. At first I thought that it might be because of that screen shaking update. But all other heavy...
  8. Art3mes

    Bug - Normal No health bar

    That's what happens when you load up the game very early in the morning. The HP% indicator disappeared completely. However it got restored to normal on the next match.
  9. Art3mes

    New Modifiers in 4.4

    Annie arrives with new MODIFIERS in 4.4! AUTO BLOCK lets you block incoming attacks when grounded. GUARD BREAK (10% chance)lets incoming attacks break your guard! (error in % pointed out by Dusty) Both of these can stack up to 5 times. IMMOBILIZE prevents you from dashing, but you can still...
  10. Art3mes

    Questions about some SAs and Debuffs

    Taking the example of Fly Trap; 1. How, exactly, does her 1st SA works? If I have killed two of my opponents, in a 3vs3, I am having a 50% bonus damage. Now, if the last opponent somehow revives the other two dead, then, will my damage be decreased to initial or not? 2. How do the Hex...
  11. Art3mes

    Opinions about Characters before and after knowing their Stories

    Not everybody get to Skullgirls' mobile after playing The Skullgirls'. So most of us(including me) became mid-late game players without even knowing the official storyline of the game. People generally view characters differently before and after they know their stories. In short: Does your...
  12. Art3mes

    Fights Character Restrictions

    After completing the main story mode, the modifiers remains the same no matter how many times you play them. That's good because there are nice amount of cash in that "3-star thingy" missions. So it's reasonable. But what about character story modes? They don't have any of that "3-star thingy"...
  13. Art3mes

    Probably the most important thread in this forum

    What are the things that you are not supposed to do to your account/s that is/are linked to the Skullgirls Mobile Game that may result it login errors or the worst, unrecoverable data loss? There should be a thread about it already. Just tell me. I'm curious.
  14. Art3mes

    Fights New Modifiers, I suppose

    After playing the game for more than a while one can come across a wide-wide varieties of modifiers. There were no new modifiers suggestion thread so I made one, I dunno if it's needed or not ( ˵ ° ~ ° ˵ ) Name: Then we all Lose Together (Said by Captain America in Age of Ultron)...
  15. Art3mes

    Pea Shooter VS Inkling

    As both have 'almost' the same SA's, I am wondering who is better as pure offensive character and even worth evolving into diamond? Or both are good? What is your opinion?
  16. Art3mes

    Skullgirls Key Team Members

    I finally found'em all. The people that shows up behind the hole from where Beowulf comes out. A huge round of applause for their hard work to keep the game alive.
  17. Art3mes

    Best Bròñzè and Sîlvèr Fukua

    As you can see there are many gems among bronze tier of almost all characters. Such as: Beatbox for Big Band Cold Stones for Beowulf Rusty for Painwheel Sheltered for Parasol Bad Hair Day for Filia As one may never regret evolving them to Gold. But not all Bronzes are worth such as of Double...
  18. Art3mes

    Collection Automatic Bronze 'n' Silver moves seller

    You know what I mean. You know what I want. You know how much time it'll save. You know everything. So a small button in the Collection's menu, which upon tapping, will sell all bronze and silver moves, will be very efficient.
  19. Art3mes

    Bug - Normal [VIDEO PROOF] Game freezes when levelling up catalysts

    The moves are levelling up fine. Only the catalysts. Here the clip,
  20. Art3mes

    Bug - Normal Delay in Updation of Opponent details

    It is from Defense history in Rift, around 12h from today(5/7/20) The opponent even about completed lvl 64.