• [2018/06/22]
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  1. TasiaChaan

    Resolved How ti Play Dailies Like This???

    I had a daily mission that involves Event, but all the nodes shows this. No explanation needed, I don't know with the word choices... Thank you
  2. TasiaChaan

    Resolved Got Stuck at the Main Title Screen

    Initially, I thought it was from my father's hotspot problem. I bought the cellular data for myself, but still the same. I start to play at 2.00 (Jakarta time) for daily missions + PF, but the loading screen at the beginning took a very long time and doesn't change to main menu even if I wait...
  3. TasiaChaan

    Other Thanks for the alignment!!!

    Sorry for noticing them recently... Before this update, I was about to tell about PF rewards that are more than 4. It was off-center, but now they fixed it! Thank you very much for align them neatly, and I can get rid from my OCD that haunted me every Gold PF when about to get these reward...
  4. TasiaChaan

    Other When the gifts from "regular" one is higher than the "gold"...

    Thanks for the "gift type" bordering, I can see what inside these boxes. Recently, I opened them and see what's coming up, in curiousity. 10.000 Coins/Golds from regular box(es)? That's ok for me :) But... Wait a second... 4.000 Coins/Golds from Gold Box??? How the heck this happen??? I...
  5. TasiaChaan

    Bug - Normal Game's screen doesn't response after the phone sleeps

    I have a friend from Indivisible's discord server who have problem with the game. It was went perfectly before the phone slept or inactive for a while. It doesn't freeze, but it doesn't response in taps no matter how hard he tap. However, the game still working normally, just cannot be tapped...
  6. TasiaChaan

    Bug - Normal Enlarged Character After Checking on Them.

    They become larger than it should be. Sometimes it can revert to normal itself, but I caught them when still enlarged. Not to mention "broken" sprites in idle animations (doesn't affect gameplay) but it's disturbing a bit. Thanks for your time...
  7. TasiaChaan

    Fights I'm sorry but I think I'm gonna explode

    If you read my latest few week's Profile Status in this forum, you'll know it. I know I love this game since announcement and I waited for Indonesia release (it wasn't there before an massive update in the past years ago0) 'till my friend tell me that game is available. I'm doing ok with...
  8. TasiaChaan

    Bug - Normal Sweet Bitter Victory

    This image was captured when I beat one team, "Victory" was written but no points/scores added. Sorry I didn't take the "Victory" screen Screenshot. I already touch continue button. Then after I re-enter the PF, this message appears. Notice those defenders, they're still same. That's mean, it...
  9. TasiaChaan

    Bug - Normal PF Team use the last one

    Sorry I cannot get the screenshot. I just play some matches in Gold Casket Match use Purrfect Dark, Weekend Warrior, and Underdog. After that match, I use Buzzkill, Surgeon General, and Dread Locks. But when I use the three, suddenly in game they became the latest team (Purrfect's team). I...
  10. TasiaChaan

    Bug - Normal Floating Time on Rift Menu

    It doesn't affect gameplay or anything but it's annoying in other way.
  11. TasiaChaan

    Bug - Normal Not the game, but the forum

    Yesterday, I found that Google chrome doesn't allow me to open this web because of Security problem. Today they forced me to change the time and date to enter this site. They said the server's certification has expired. Would you resolve this? Or will I be hiatus forever?
  12. TasiaChaan

    Resolved Rift coins doesn't increased

    This week, I've had 2 battles (1 lose and 1 won) got 11 and 45 rift coins respectively. But when I checked my stash, my rift coins still at 983 (before and after battle. Still same) later I just use for buy something from Cabinet, it can reduced.
  13. TasiaChaan

    Collection Just 1 theonite please...

    I'm really feel uncomfortable with this digit of theonites after Season's Beatings' PF. I've marked it with red to highlight what I mean. Maybe anyone feel the same with me. If this PF finished, could you give us only 1 theonite to fulfill those numbers? I always feel uncomfortable when there...
  14. TasiaChaan

    Other Remove Linked Account

    I just linked my Facebook account and it got disabled, so I cannot unlink via login to FB, and I cannot uncheck the linked account on option screen. Can some Staff help me to unlink it?
  15. TasiaChaan

    Prize Fight(s) Problem(?)

    It's just me or lately, the PF opponents are abnormaly agresive than before and the health meter are reduced quickly. I cannot handle all of my team and opponent's team keep attacking mine. Usually I can handle them. One more, the Fighter Scores on top order are drastically increase from 9k to...