• [2018/06/22]
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    Bug - Normal Literally can't stop the inferno

    Video should be self-explanatory. Very tight timing on the activation of Inferno Brigade, if too early or too late the attack will fizzle and only Parasoul will shoot, resulting in only 10 hits (instead of the usual 60 or so)
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    Bug - Normal Big Band Special eaten up

    If you try to cast Cymbal Clash immediately after Tuba Tuba, the ability doesn't activate and it goes on cooldown. Not sure if this happens with any other skill interaction.
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    Bug - Normal Grab release interactions

    Certain characters (most notably Filia) have strange interactions based on when in the grab it is released. If the grab is released early, both characters jump away from each other, putting a good amount of distance between them. If the grab is released late (after a tick or two of damage)...
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    Bug - Normal Stunning affects seem to bypass blocking when unflinching.

    Title. Occured twice to me so far, once from a Big Band using Cymbal Clash, once from a Parasite Weave Filia.
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    Bug - Normal Peacock vs Peacock instant win

    When I was playing the Gold level Prize fights, the enemy (Untouchable) Peacock used Lonesome Lenny, and I immediately responded with Good Fellows. Both teams had all 3 members alive (Bloodbath Eliza and Primed Parasoul IIRC on enemy team and Harlequin Cerebella and Primed Parasoul on my team)...
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    Anti-Infinite mechanic?

    I'm not sure if this is native to the training mode, but when I was testing out Peacock's George infinite, the enemy stopped being staggered by the standard ground combo and instead behaved as though they just landed after an air combo. I believe I hit this around the 150 combo hits level, which...