• [2018/06/22]
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  1. InfernoBunny

    Mummy Dearest Eliza

    In my opinion the best marquee ability for her would be Blood Oath which regenerates health for her as her SAs deduct health from all teammates which includes herself but it really depends on the player. If you're going for a more offensive approach then choose Ritual Sacrifice if you're going...
  2. InfernoBunny


    Projectiles are attacks that shoot out from the attacker but are not attached to them, free to move by itself. Some examples include peacock's rays, bullets and bombs, painwheel's gae bolga stinger, parasoul's napalm shot etc. The term is vague and covers many attacks and some attacks are...
  3. InfernoBunny

    Evergreen Evil discussion

    Yikes seems like a scary support. Evergreen evil can be used for painwheels with the grudge marquee and valentine with icu to increase their buffs to 23 seconds or more if maxed out. If painwheels marquee ability grudge activates multiple times from an opponent that has a high crit rate and many...
  4. InfernoBunny

    Mummy Dearest Eliza

    Yeh, in my opinion Mummy Dearest isn't one of the best diamonds but she can be used effectively.
  5. InfernoBunny

    Mummy Dearest Eliza

    Basically Mummy Dearest should be paired with variants that can benefit from low health such as Lapis Luxury, Rage Appropriate, Raw Nerv etc but not all variants that benefit from low health can work with Mummy Dearest such as G.I Jazz, Last Hope, Big Top etc.
  6. InfernoBunny

    Mummy Dearest Eliza

    I just got her from a diamond relic and initially thought that she was useless but she can be powerful if used in conjunction with other characters. For example, I could pair her with my Lapis Luxury. She can sacrifice Lapis's health until it's low and then tag in Lapis. Then build up the...
  7. InfernoBunny

    Bug - Normal Cheater / Hacker Reporting

    It's alright, we all make mistakes. 9K Stand Out definitely can't beat that despite it's stats and rarity. Your persona assistant will constantly provide blessing and barrier making it tough for stand out to kill your team unless her SAs activate and provide meter gain for her BB3 but most...
  8. InfernoBunny

    Other Marie Raid Boss.

    Maybe a prize fight or story node that could implement this. Maybe a final boss in a new story mode chapter that could give massive rewards (maybe a diamond relic) if won but because of the great rewards Marie would have massive amounts of health.
  9. InfernoBunny

    Bug - Normal Cheater / Hacker Reporting

    Well their doublicious could've actually beat your team with double's CHAOS marquee ability but I think it's unlikely considering valentine's health stats. They probably timed out if they tried to do that but it is still possible.
  10. InfernoBunny

    Neuromancer Painwheel

    Painwheel is sorta hard to intercept while dashing in my opinion because of her speed and dash attack I guess, for some reason the L1 never hits so i have to try to intercept her with the L2 or L3 which is pretty difficult. I do think neuromancer needs a bit of a nerf but it shouldn't change her...
  11. InfernoBunny

    Dream Catcher Discussion

    sure I don't mind
  12. InfernoBunny

    Dream Catcher Discussion

    Oh sorry about that, I will edit it. Thanks for the clarification, I wrote the reply before I took a screenshot so I didn't really remember her SAs.
  13. InfernoBunny

    Dream Catcher Discussion

    here you go. I also recommend equipping her with a lot of special moves maybe 3 so then you have room for 2 blockbusters.
  14. InfernoBunny

    Dream Catcher Discussion

    I just recently got her from one of the hand-drawn relics from Peacock's master origin story and she is really good. I forgot to take a screenshot of it but I maxed out her SAs and she has a 25% chance of stunning opponent for 6 seconds when using a special move or tagging in. While she is...
  15. InfernoBunny

    Bug - Normal Cheater / Hacker Reporting

    It is possible for them to win against you though, purrminator's SA can help her tear through high fighter score characters with her SA permanently boosting her attack for every critcal hit dealt along with her marquee ability giving her enrage if it is possible. With the amount of hits...
  16. InfernoBunny

    Dead Cross - Jab Extender?

    The dead cross combo extender is a really good combo although the combo counter counts it as an "untrue combo". Personally, this combo works on any fighter even extremely high fighter score fighters. The reason the enemy is slipping out of the combo is because you're not attacking...
  17. InfernoBunny

    Fights Ascent of a woman (master) the beowulf fight need a change

    Well they shouldn't nerf weekend warrior but they should change the team selection. They should at least allow one extra type of fighter by changing it to only 2 beowulfs and one other fighter. Honestly, I don't mind what the fighter is, as long as it isn't another beowulf because beowulf is a...
  18. InfernoBunny

    Characters New roster?

    i would love to see hive, she has so much potential for attacks. She could be both a zoning and a close combat fighter with her bee bombs and flying attacks.