• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Starsmore


    Another new diamond from the second wave, video here.
  2. Starsmore

    Wind Stalker

    Another new diamond coming with the next update, the video is here. The palette, catchprase and name of the variant are a reference to Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers.
  3. Starsmore

    Très Chic

    A new diamond that's coming with the next unpdate, here's the video presentation. Seems like she inflicts debuffs on the right part of the stage and gains buffs on the left side.
  4. Starsmore

    Bug - Normal Rift notification doesn't appear

    In the last two weeks it happened for almost every fight, I don't get the in game notification when the system find an opponent and also don't appear the notifications when theare are only thirty minutes left or the rift battle is finshed. A couple of time those notification pop-up fifteen...
  5. Starsmore

    Bug - Normal Xenomorph second signature ability randomly works

    It happened various time after the update, both in rift and prize fights, I'm just writing the last two. Against a Xenomorph with my Head hunter, five stacks of precision, beat her with theonite beam and she inflicted me with three stacks of bleed. Poltergust enemy beat my Xenomorph with a...
  6. Starsmore

    Other Puase when receiving a call

    Usually apps and games automatically pauses when there's an incoming call, this game instead keeps going and it's really annoying losing a battle that I waswinning just because I spend seconds trying to hit the pause button. Is there any hope that you will change it with the next update?
  7. Starsmore

    Bug - Normal Unblockable missing but still hits

    This happened about one hour ago. I was doing a dark element fight, i was still pretty low, abou the 10th fight. On my team Parasite Weave, a silver Bad Hairy Day to level, another gold (maybe Head Hunter), the first member of the opponent team was a Buzzkill. The fight was going pretty fine...
  8. Starsmore

    Bug - Normal Forbidden procedure

    Let's say that if the opponent uses it is utterly broken, It happens also with Tympani drive but this one is simply destructive. If I'm trying to do a combo, a special or a blockbuster when Valentine is already in the battle my fighter simply stop do anything, Valentine does forbidden procedure...
  9. Starsmore

    Resolved Resurrection

    I don't have any problem with this buff but how sometimes it works. Example of a normal resurrection, if I beat Big Top and Last Hope with the first hit of a blockbuster or a combo they fall down and I can't hit them again until they stand up again, so I wasted a blockbuster but theres' no...
  10. Starsmore

    Bug - Normal Megalith Array

    Upgrading the move to al least level 3 should unlock the special ability "Reduces the meter of all opponent Blockbusters by 3% per landed hit". Instead it deals only damage and every hit raise the opponents blockbusters like if they were normally hit, so if the bb3 doesn't kill them they even...