• [2018/06/22]
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  1. UnusualBoo54

    Where do you fit taunts into your game?

    The safest time to taunt is when knocking down the opponent after the air-combo. The other not-so-safe way is to just taunt, but you cancel the taunt into a blockbuster if the opponent attacks/approaches. Here's some taunts I normally use in my build and some I recommend: 1.Awroo Ready : -...
  2. UnusualBoo54

    SG Custom Fighters

    More cards! "Oh no! The skeleton coming out!" (Vinesauce Joel) Sauce Streamer SA1: Gain HASTE for 3 seconds when performing a JUGGLER. SA2: Once per match when defeated, revive with 30% health and gain permanent HASTE. " We live in a society... " (Joker from Batman) Jokes On You! SA1...
  3. UnusualBoo54

    SG Custom Fighters

    It's time for more fighter cards! Try and guess who's referencing what! GANG STAR - " Did you really think you'd be that lucky? " Gold Experience SA1 - When defeating an opponent, gain 2 stacks of REGEN SA2 - Once per match when suffering a hit that would be fatal, REVIVE with 30% HP...
  4. UnusualBoo54

    Persona Assistant discussion

    Oh gosh, she’s gonna make Defensive Teams so much harder to deal with... Definitely gonna invest as soon as I get her. Also, I’m curious. How will the REVIVE buff interact with Last Hope and Big Top? Will it trigger thier SA or will it consume the buff first? Or it just clashes?
  5. UnusualBoo54

    Master difficulty story mode

    Your best choice is to use Wrestler X. His SA2 helps a lot in draining the opponent’s HP. Even with him, I can barely just beat the node before timing out. For moves, use Blockbusters and Special Moves that are multi-hit; Geatish Trepak Lupine Pummel Wulfamanaia! Wulf Blitzer Gigantic Arm and...
  6. UnusualBoo54

    Anyone else come across Freedom Fighter Beowulf yet?

    There’s three AI-exclusive variant added along with 3.3 that were not mentioned in the patch notes. Blue Bomber (Robo-Fortune) [Silver] Freedom Fighter [Beowulf] [Gold] Star Spangled [Cerebella] [Diamond]
  7. UnusualBoo54

    SG Custom Fighters

    Finally decided to give this a go and made some custom palettes. [ WRESTLE LAW " Objection! " SA - Title bout Turnabout > CRITICAL HITS have 40% chance to inflict STUN and ARMOR BREAK for 5 seconds. > Once per match, when Beowulf drops below 40% health, gain HEAVY REGEN and 3 stacks of...
  8. UnusualBoo54

    Thoughts on upcoming Special Moves?

    As of posting this, there is no doubt that there is going to be more updates on the official Skullgirls Mobile Twitter. For now, what are your thoughts on the upcoming special moves? In case you missed out : Mortuary Drop ( Valentine ) - Has % chance to STUN if she is benefiting from REGEN...
  9. UnusualBoo54

    Woo! Got my Diamond Inkling!

    Woo! Got my Diamond Inkling!
  10. UnusualBoo54

    OFFICIAL: 2.3 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    * Sees Idol Threat variant * I can't believe they added Hatsune Miku. Jokes aside, I can say I'm very excited for the new update. Can't wait to get Squiggly.
  11. UnusualBoo54

    Something I noticed in the Squigly Teaser.

    Aside from the new character and the abilities, there is something else I noticed about the upcoming changes. In the Dead Of Winter teaser, you will notice that Cerebella is equipping 2 Diamonds Are Forever. This is not possible in the current version seeing that the game doesn't allow you to...
  12. UnusualBoo54

    "DEAD OF WINTER" - Speculation and Discussion

    From the teaser, I'm guessing she has a x% chance of getting revived if a teammate lands a critical hit. She would also gain 5 stack or armor that might be semi-permanent. [ Doesn't have the PERMANENT symbol around the armor ] The armor would last until she tags out or until the enemy Armor...
  13. UnusualBoo54

    Star Crossed Parasoul is AI exclusive... Ouch

    Star Crossed Parasoul is AI exclusive... Ouch
  14. UnusualBoo54

    Big Band Basic/Advanced Combos

    Before we get in to the combos, I want to say that these combos will work on some fighters and will not work on others. This is due to the fighter's different fall speed ( I think? ). To simplify things, I classed the fighters into two categories. Light Fighters : Peacock, Painwheel ...