• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Lulero

    Other Great game but I quit, stating why here

    "Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time." - Bertrand Russel (R. I. P.) I love that quote. Playing games you enjoy is worthwhile. If you don't enjoy yourself anymore though, time to move on. And it turns out I'm no longer enjoying myself quite enough for all the efforts I still have to put in...
  2. Lulero

    Other Rifts rewards

    Hi, a simple feedback that took me long enough to narrow. Some facts first, if you want Diamond Keys: Get ranked top 200 in rifts for 1 per week, top 50 for 2. 10% per week from accursed experiment 1m canopies/1.250k rift coins for 1, i.e. $30 for 3 at best rate Spending money certainly can...
  3. Lulero

    Rift matchmaking, fellow players please share some data

    DISCLAIMER: This thread is NOT the place to discuss how fair/enjoyable the algorithm is. It's just about gathering data. REQUEST: Post in this thread your rift data: Sum of your top 20 fighters FS (be as accurate as possible). Your current rift rating and tier (i.e. G4, G3, G2, D3, etc...)...
  4. Lulero

    Other Finding an opponent in rift, issue and "quick fix" suggestion

    Some context about my current "rift stats": Gold 2, Rating 1777, Level 62, Total of best 20 fighters FS slightly lower than 160k, over the last 4 weeks my win rate is above 90%. Recently, I'm having troubles to find opponents. Today, had to keep looking for one 4 hours straight and I won't have...
  5. Lulero

    A player's collection

    Hi! I'm looking for advises on how to manage my roster better. I keep track of most figures in a google spreadsheet (no link for now as it seems to be detected as spam) and plan on updating this opening post on a weekly basis. I'd like to think it can also be interesting to others with similar...
  6. Lulero

    Other Early Game Feedbacks

    Game version: from 3.2.1 to 3.3 Platform: Android 9 Phone: Huawei P smart 2019 Location: Brest, France In-game author tag: Lulero Job: Research Engineer since 2005 Prior experience with similar games. I played fighting games back in the 90s, absolutely loved Street Fighters 2 Turbo on SNES and...