• [2018/06/22]
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    Collection friendlier UI HUGE QoL suggestions

    lock scroll position in collection and fighter select screen show unlocked skill node progress bar in collection for ma fighters show ma level progress bar in collection show exp to next level bar in collection and fighter select screen show number of equipt moves in collection and fighter...
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    Other daily event avaliable everyday

    i rarely have time to play sunday events, because rift and pf. i suggest we get all character event everyday BUT reserve the completion awards and treasure node rewards on specific days. parasoul for example. we will be able to grind the parasoul event on any day along with the 600 coin per...
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    rift 2.0 a look at the scores

    (im really bad at naming things.) its been almost three months after rift 2.0. time to look at it again. is it oppressing to newer players? or is it more accessible now? Backstory. i was checking element pf scores since I stopped rifting and moved into heavy grinding. but i noticed the lower...
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    Other a bug fix/quality of life update before the big one

    i have seen some of the replys in bug section of the forum saying something something will be fixed in the next update. thats great i tought before i knew the 'next update' is couple month away and wrapped up a new character update. it just feels too long to wait for bugfixes. could we get a...
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    Resolved rift battle wons counted as loss

    this have hapoened three tines now. i won. game isnt frozen. i come back to rift map and it says i lost. everytime i had a full health fighter left so even if my main carry died from frost armor there is no way i lost! this rift is so buggy! at least i was able to finish all those rifts, but...
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    Bug - Normal rift devils snare tag out move takes damage

    devils snare node futile resistence +dark nut catalyst resonant evil+megasonic my fly trap blocked a few hits then used tag out on both bigbands to remove their 5 armor. tag out does no demage hut my flytrap took 10% damage both times.
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    Other improve fighter card art

    do i have to say more? i know a huge update just happened. people are losing streak. we are all very busy. but...i mean...just look at them! their counter parts have fablous art! why cant they have that too!
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    Other Relic open button placement

    can we have we the open relic button all on the left side? i want to feel safe when I scroll through the relics and check my progress. I want to save enough that when I do open them, i have a chance of getting a good fighter.
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    Bug - Normal bigtop sa cancels light element pf modifier

    just happened now! i killed bigtop for the first time. her invincible timer is correct but her unflinching timer is synced with the fight modifier so when the unflinching expired she didnt get the next light buff. my fighter is bio exorcist.