• [2018/06/22]
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    How do you unlink email to account?

    when I logged back into Skullgirs it automatically logged me in to my alt account (when Skullgirls was undergoing maintenance before) and now I cant go back to my original account (which I have setup on my iPad) I cant seem to unlink my game to my email
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    How to increase power level?

    ive recently maxed out my Epic Sax and Harlequin to level 50 but their power level is just around 8500 and 7600 respectively. Ive already maxed out Epic Sax’s attack tree while Harlequin is still around the 2nd attack tree How does other player like moisterific have 3,11k cerebellas?
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    When is squigly coming?

    A new character for SK mobile would be really nice. And I just want to see everyones speculation on when the next big update comes. :)
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    Any tips on getting high streaks

    Ive been using prize fights recently to just level up my weaker character but of course I would like to get higher streaks for more xp and prizes. Any tips how? Thanks.