• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Wulfy-prime

    Characters There needs to be some way to insure we get the Character Relic exclusive fighters.

    I just did 48 pulls (Four 11-pulls and four single pulls) for Beowulf. Out of all of them, I only got 1 gold, Wulfsbane, which I'll definitely be getting in Wulf's next event anyway. That's... sort of bull. Like, I know RNG's gonna RNG, but I saved up for a long time. I'm not entirely salty or...
  2. Wulfy-prime

    Other Let us fuse gold duplicates onto each other.

    Let's say I have 4 Primed Parasouls, but I only ever use two, both of which are max level. I think it'd be a great idea for us to be able to, say, take those two extra Parasouls and fuse them onto one of my max level Paras. This time with a short boost the the level cap (Maybe up 5, and then...
  3. Wulfy-prime

    Are you saving the Relics you get from the game for anyone?

    I know the odds are against me, but I've started saving everything recently for Beowulf. I'm hoping the freebies I get will nail me decent BBs, SMs, and fighters for my Bae-oh-wulf. Right now I have: 8 Bronze Relics 2 Silver Relics 41 Premiere Relics 40 Silver Move Relics 12 Gold Relics...
  4. Wulfy-prime

    Other Experience items to fuse onto characters

    Most other gacha games have little items/cards you get from doing events/missions that you can fuse onto your characters for a boatload of experience. Honestly, I'm surprised this game doesn't have something similar.
  5. Wulfy-prime

    Fights Add an audio Unblockable warning for Charge Attacks higher up

    Maybe it's just me, but sometimes I have my thumb right over where the warning usual is (on the right side of the screen) and wind up eating a hit as a result. Since I sometimes don't see it, having a little "Ping!" or whatever to warn me to get the hell out of the way or rush at them would help...
  6. Wulfy-prime

    Beowulf confirmed for later this Summer. Peacock and Big Band origin stories coming too.

    Comes with 6 variations. His Hype Meter is his character ability, though we don't know for sure how it's implemented. We HAVE been told that it's somewhat like Sekhmet, though. Gold Variations are his Wulfbane (Gray color variation) and (I believe, don't quote me on this) called Number 1...
  7. Wulfy-prime

    Other Blockbuster/Special Move shop

    Getting specific BBs/SMs is a pain! I think we can all agree on that. I've had such bad luck that I've only ever gotten 1 Georges Day Out, despite playing for a few weeks now. Though grinding out the dailies and buying random packs of moves are options, how about letting us buy the specific BBs...
  8. Wulfy-prime

    Let's make up some absolutely terrible abilities for Beowulf

    Sharpshooter- Projectiles do +20% damage. Beowulf's chair is not considered to be a projectile. Hulkamania- Gain Unflinching upon reaching 1% HP. Atk also goes up 10%, but speed lowers 50% 5 Knuckle Shuffle- Melee moves all have knockback. Enemies can still attack right after, which makes...
  9. Wulfy-prime

    Other We should be able to see what BBs and SMs are currently equipped in the Collection page.

    Nothing feels worse than thinking that you're selling a useless SM/BB, only for you to enter a fight and see that your fighter is missing one or more tools to lay the smackdown on the enemy. Frankly, I'm surprised there isn't at least a little warning before you sell equipped things.