• [2018/06/22]
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  1. crx

    Other question and suggestion about dia grade skin

    I wonder if there is a plan to make a higher grade than diamond grade. Currently there are various diamond skins, but some users suffering from getting duplicate skin. (4 or more same skin) Most users think that duplicate dia skins are useless if there is no higher grade than dia. Also dia...
  2. crx

    Other suggestion about skill slot order fixation

    I suggest fixation of skill slot order. currently, if we draw off the skill from 1st~4th skill slot before the battle,(for example, to use Harlequin's 'diamond drop' for Brain freeze.) then after the battle the remaining skills are placed forward one by one. So we need to push the skills to...
  3. crx

    Other suggestion about hack user & rift / prize fight reward and compensation

    (I'm sorry that my English is not good, so please excuse me.) There are lots of hack users on Rift Battle and Prize Fight. And numerous faithful users suffer from them. Especially in the case of Rift Battle, not to mention the mental stress, sincere users lose their score in real time and...
  4. crx

    Other suggestion for updates

    Since I've heard large range of users, I want to suggest some opinions for updates. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- < about rift > 1. Please reset the rift scores in a different degree according to previous rift score...
  5. crx

    Other adding ‘recently obtained' order in sorting criteria

    I want to suggest about adding ‘recently obtained' order in sorting criteria. When users get a new character or new moves, it represents only numbers of what we got. So I have to scroll all fighters and compare them to find out what I obtained. Especially, if users get a new moves, we want to...
  6. crx

    Other suggestion about card protection and favorites

    I want to suggest about adding 'card protection and favorites' functions. If user 'protect' the card, 1. it can not be used as reinforcing material. 2. it can not be used as upgrading material. 3. it can not be upgraded. so that makes prevent unintentionally discarding the cards what users...
  7. crx

    Bug - Normal bug in Light element prize fight

    There is a bug in Light element prize fight. (In general, we can inflict opponents's dead body after we kill them.) In Light Element prize fight, when I kill the light element opponent in buff time 'immunity', and gave additional combo hit on opponent's dead body in next buff time 'final...
  8. crx

    Other worrisome about photosensitivity shock

    There is a problem when the game starts and the opponent is killed, the entire screen instantly flashes in white colour for several times. if young players experience this phenomenon in a murk environment, he or she may experience shock or seizures with severe photosensitivity syndrome. (A...
  9. crx

    Other Korean users’ suggestion/feedback

    Korean users’ suggestion/feedback for the Skullgirls mobile. (this letter was written on 2.13. so some of our suggestion may be overlapped on today's patchnote, but i think it's better to leave contents.) To who may concern, Hello, we are a group of very, very enthusiastic Skullgirls mobile...
  10. crx

    Bug - Normal Items switched after purchase in cabinet

    i purchased premiere relic but it showed i purchased gold key. and i checked the cabinet, but it still showing that i purchased premiere relic. you can check that other items are same in gold key purchase screen background and after purchase background. also my canopy coins blew away. (price...
  11. crx

    Bug - Normal i didn't receive my philia pf reward

    i scored 2,535440 in philia gold prize fight, but i didn't receive any reward. please give me a feedback. my game nickname is bioexorcist diva as you could see in the image.
  12. crx

    Bug - Normal match rewards not appearing

    when my skullgirls game playthrough, i won and get match rewards but they were not appeared. after i checked my "collection" "moves" "relics", they didn't exist. and i wonder what they are. please help this problem.