• [2018/06/22]
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  1. ShadowSpider

    Bug - Normal Zero Scratch damage on characters aside from Valentine

    so what just happened to me in a match was as follows: On my Iphone 8+, running IOS 11.2.6 I was fighting in the medici pf with a team of two low leveled bronze squiglys and a high lvl silver cera (the one that has the throw dmg special ability) the enemies are twice my cera’s strength (high...
  2. ShadowSpider

    Bug - Normal Painwheel please, i just want to know what happened.

    On an Apple Iphone 6+, IOS 11 In the Painwheel origin story (Basic): Unable to select any other fights after completing one prior (after the first fight with “oh mai” valentine) (so the second and subsequent fights) Zooming in/out function remains but can’t select other fights, plays the...