• [2018/06/22]
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  1. VicKing

    Bug - Normal DEAD ON ARRIVAL ( Valentine )

    When i finish with this technique game on last hit in the last player my screen stay in white or black. does not appear the red skull of the technique. My phone is Galaxy S7. Thanks. Always Best Staff and community players.
  2. VicKing

    Fights Hard Battle Received Grand Finale

    Do you struggle when you have that content of fear of losing your high sequence? Exactly fights that use almost exhausted all the time that were thrilling and gave him pressure should have a slowmotion finish to 0.75x to have that feeling of a difficult and arduous fight and for someone who is...
  3. VicKing


    I like to know name of all stages? Thanks Guys.
  4. VicKing

    Stage <3

    I want to congratulate the team of Devs for bringing this update full of content and modifications there was an improvement in the random question of the stages but i still wonder why there is no stage of the Cerebellum the Circle of Cartes? And such a beautiful stage could bring you to the...
  5. VicKing

    Characters Celebrate Costumization <3

    I thought well and question of customizable items that would not give anything in the game just aesthetically I thought well about what could bring this to the game and 'BANG' I came to a conclusion. When we start the game the character always has a greeting and when we always win he has a way...
  6. VicKing

    Fights Intense Fight.

    The levels basic advanced and expert do not agree with the difficulty that should have mainly the expert. I suggest you make the fights harder and harder. In these ways. Epic game ! <3 Epic members Epic staff!
  7. VicKing

    Characters Unique Bonus

    I've been thinking a lot and I've come to the conclusion that there might be some way in the game that would give us a bonus to make the character unique. Or some advantage element against bleeding or some bonus to get more damage. or some bonus to the critic only a roll that of a small benefit...
  8. VicKing

    Other Stage interaction

    Add rain and lightning in the game. It would be an ecstasy if more intense fights had a temporal change in the scenario.
  9. VicKing

    Other Chat

    Add chat in the game by country and also a global chat.
  10. VicKing

    Fights Energy ?

    well i talked to people here in the community and saw that the current energy system fits perfectly even in the game! So there's no reason to keep this tag
  11. VicKing

    Other Some suggestions for the new version of the game.

    I hope you'll stick alert to the specs for bad smartphones that do not support the game so you do not get negatived on google play. And also bring a better graphic to more robust handsets. I was going to spend Christmas money with the game but I'll wait until the next version comes. focus on...