• [2018/06/22]
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  1. VinEye

    Why is Untouchable Peacock red?

    I see that the general pattern is that a characters colour scheme matches with their element so most fire element fighters are coloured red in some way. However whilst Untouchable Peacock is of the water element her colour scheme is red which should be for fire.
  2. VinEye

    Other Reconnect function for DC/Crashes

    Something i would like to see that some games do is that if for whatever reason the app closes mid fight when u boot the app back up it allowed you to get back into the fight before the crash. It wouldn't reset the fight jsut that it'll put you back into the fight with the same hp/meter gain...
  3. VinEye

    Resolved Game froze after opponent used Blockbuster

    This bug happened during a prize fight my opponent was using Egret Parasoul and used the blockbuster with skulls on the border at the same time i used one of my special moves causing my side to complete freeze. I was unable to move even pressing buttons for tags or specials did nothing, my...
  4. VinEye

    Quick questions from a Newbie

    Hi just started and i'm really liking the game so far but would like some advice on what i should and shouldn't be doing. I did 2 11 rolls and got 3 Golds from them, 2 Primed Parasouls and 1 Raw Nerve Painwheel. Was wondering what should i do with dupes? Should i feed one to the other or am i...