• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Tsukiakari

    Parasoul gaining multiple Precision stacks if use Taunt in quick succession, bug or intetional?

    My friend and I found out that if you use Egret Call (Taunt to get precision) and any Special Moves in quick succession (Egret Call ->Nalpham Shot/Erget Dive/etc), you will get another 2 stacks of Precision (or getting the stacks base on your move's level I think). So is this a bug, or intentional?
  2. Tsukiakari

    Bug - Normal The crash problem getting worse after the 4.3 update

    I used to report this bug since 4.2 because this is where the crash start to get a little bit frustrated. After 4.2, I can only play 8~10 prize fight matches in a sesion before restart the app to avoid crashing (and it will crash if I forgot and continue to play). But I can still hang on to it...
  3. Tsukiakari

    Could this be done, I don't know what to think anymore

    His attack on my other nodes are so Legit and his Fighter are fairly invested (almost all lv9 moves) I don't know what to think anymore. He's a Diamond 3 with a base which have 5 golds. - Harley on Half Time with 2 Merry gorrila and Super Slow mo. - 2 PW on Tranducer node with Neuro 51% metter...
  4. Tsukiakari

    How to deal with Electrostatic Shield in Rift

    As the title say, I still sometime struggle to deal with Electrostatic Shield in Rift, which seem to be the meta right now with how the AI work. I sometime use Silent Kill but more often than not, she is dead because of Inverse Polarity and Power Surge. I can somehow circle them out with Sketchy...
  5. Tsukiakari

    Bug - Crash Game crash between game mode

    Device: Apple Iphone 6 OS: iOS 12.1. When I switch between game mode, the game crash, not right away, but more likely from prize fight to story mode, more specificly it is Master Peacock origin, the game crash at the moment the "Master" text show up. When switch from story to prize fight, it...
  6. Tsukiakari

    Serious question: Can the dev really do something about the cheaters?

    I know that there's a sticky post to report cheaters, but that post has reach to 143 pages without any actions from the dev even though that post was made by Liam. The name of the cheaters repeat many times post after post but they still can do it without punishment. Honestly, if they cheated...
  7. Tsukiakari

    Question and ask for advice about Rift

    To be specify, I'm Tsukiakari lv67 and I start Rifting a week ago, I can smoothly do Rift and match with people with relative strength. But Today I met a opponent at lv63, I can clearly his every other nodes fairly easy (tbh a little bit too easy) until I got to his boss node. That's Wither...