• [2018/06/22]
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    Bug - Normal Squigly buffed down swipe + Eliza BB3 = ???

    I got the timing right (or maybe in this case, wrong) that when i used squig's buffed down swipe while eliza was about to use her BB3, the game just froze with squigs doing a crouch while her attack's already at the feet of eliza andd eliza herself is in her starting pose for when she'll use her...

    Is it a waste to use duplicate silvers to power up other fighters?

    I did this and just realized how i might have done something wrong and hurt my progress. Is this what i should be doing or no?

    I don't see the daily login bonus window after the first time the latest update went out

    Title says it all. Am i doing something wrong? Or is it just checking itself on its own? Or am i just stupid? I also don't see anything that will trigger it to pop-up.