• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Crisman

    Delete Facebook linked to my sgm account

    Hi anybody knows how to delete a Facebook that is linked to the account? thanks for the help
  2. Crisman

    how to delete a email from the account

    i have a email linked to my account, that i dont have anymore access how i can remove that email? Thanks
  3. Crisman

    Please Close my account

    @Liam @Bones first of all thanks for the year of fun it was amazing, i spent a lot of hours in the game, and a some real money to support you, thanks guys you are amazing the reason I ask this is because you broken the rift battles with the catalysts, if you dont pay you dont win and even if...
  4. Crisman

    Resolved I can’t find an opponent in rift battles

    hello since yestarday i can’t find an opponent I tried 3 times in the morning 2 in the afternoon and 6 in the night, i think it was a bad day and nobody is playing rift, today i tried 7 times and nothing. What i can do now? I don’t want to lose the points for inactivity or don't reach the 7...
  5. Crisman

    How to activate a special offer

    hello i want to buy the special offer of 1100 theonite for 15 dollars, how i can activate this offer? somebody knows? Thanks for your help.
  6. Crisman

    Cerebella harlequin or pyrotechnique valentine for diamond?

    I have this doubt, what do you think is the best for offense? because the maximium atk of valentine is 4300 and hp 28k meanwhile cerebella atk 6000 and hp 31k. The SA of valentine are best but i dont know which choose for diamond, a little help here please. Thank you.
  7. Crisman

    How to calculate win points in prize fights?

    hello anybody know how to calculate the points you can win in a fight? Because sometimes i have a team with 20k and a extra multiplier of 3 and another team with 30k and a extra multiplier of 2, so which team give me more points? Thanks for the help.
  8. Crisman

    Anyone had luck to enter the beta?

    Hello, I read in the game chat that someone entered the beta, but how do you know that there are so many liars, maybe someone can confirm that the beta has started, so I stop updating my email all the day. Thank you.
  9. Crisman

    1-10 elemental event threshold

    I have a question i made 128 millions in the yesterday event, and i got 1-10% threshold. So how many points to reach the top 10?
  10. Crisman

    Resolved Lag in the fights

    hello i update the game to the 2.7 version now i have lag in all the fights and make the game unplayable, any one habe the same problem or the solution? I alredy download the game again and is still the same lag. My phone is a iphone 6s ios 11. Thanks