• [2018/06/22]
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  1. palti

    show off your shiny collection!

    I have it like this.
  2. palti

    game mechanics and suggestions for changing the balance

    On the forum I found only two questions related to the mechanics of the game, but they did not contain an answer to my question. Firstly, the word "near" in the description of the abilities of the characters, it has a completely different character for each specific character and is...
  3. palti

    Bug - Normal blockbuster ignores the mill

    I played in the fukua combat trials and the following happened: Fukua used "head over heels" and I was thrown into the air. While I was falling, she got a mill. But as soon as I fell to the ground, she left the camp (only half of the debuff's duration had passed) and continued her blockbuster...
  4. palti

    the most needed buff or debuff in the game? (DD)

    what do you think a good attack character should have? on the one hand, the bleeding🩸/severe bleeding🩸🩸 flow causes a percentage damage to health, which makes it very damageable. on the other hand, there are characters playing through combos and it's enough for them to have good damage from...
  5. palti

    Bug - Normal the counter in the instructions broke down.

    the counter in the instructions broke down. they didn't give me a diamond relic. I spent the whole day rocking the character, I was very upset when he was not counted(((((((((( restarting the game didn't change anything((((