• [2018/06/22]
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  1. evilgordo

    Bug - Normal Can't delete post Rift season battle result emails

    So, if you end a Rift battle as the season resets, you get the "there is a Rift Battle result you haven't seen" email. Win or lose, it's great to get the results...unfortunately, these emails error out when trying to delete them. Not a huge deal, but over time, they'll start 'clogging' the Read...
  2. evilgordo


    Maxed out all your main fighters? Saccing dupes to make room for that elusive variant? So...it's not surprising that thanks to the new Prestige system, there's an influx of Skill Points (SP). What are players to do? Well Taliesin will gladly take them off you hands! I have to admit, it's an...
  3. evilgordo

    Bug - Normal Umm, why is it possible to delete an in game email without having claimed attached rewards?

    Yep, as the subject states, that's what happened. Reading my Rift Season results and accidentally swiped over the little trash can. Email gone. No rewards claimed. Sad panda.