• [2018/06/22]
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    Bug - Normal Can’t convert nat diamonds

    The game will give a server error every time preventing the conversion from taking place.
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    Anyone with djinn frizz, a question

    In 20 opportunities the enrage only activated twice, a mere 10% chance. Have you noticed if the chances of activating the enrage feel ‘reduced’?
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    Rift Legend rank

    The game just matched me with a second legend rank in a row; are there 2 legend ranks this week? Didn’t see that on the twitter ranking image.
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    Calculate max base atk and hp for chars

    How do you calculate the max base atk and hp a character can have?
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    A question about rift.

    Why can’t we click on the opponents profile in the rift ‘vs screen’ anymore?
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    Bug - Normal Error code 0 game won’t start

    Can’t get past the authentication screen. 2 hours and nothing.
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    Valentines perma regen?

    Hello. Can someone explain to me why these valentines on this rift boss node get permanent regen?: (Sorry, had to crop down the images or the site wouldn’t let me post them) The signature abilities of last hope and assasins greed do not grant perma regen, neither do those of killjoy...
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    Bug - Normal Various bugs in robo-fortune pf

    Hello, noticed a couple of bugs with beowulf: - 3 wulf moonsault bb3 is suicidal because the last hit (that does most of the damage) both activates bubble shield and reflects at the same time. - Gigan arm sweep special move somehow counts as a knockdown causing beowulf to get bubble shield after...
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    Other Rift/pf cutoffs thread

    Hello, since it’s not possible to post on the official cutoffs thread, i’m making a new one to point out a possible error there: The last two medici prize fight cutoffs are exactly the same (19,917,841), that seems extremely unlikely.
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    Other Ai frame perfect bb

    The ai has been doing perfect frame blockbusters during cerebella’s grab animation recently. Also, eliza’s launcher is failing recently as well, doing knockdowns instead of launching.
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    How to deal with futile resistance

    on a maxed diamond big band with 50% defense?
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    Bug - Normal Eliza’s ground 5 to launcher

    Lately i’ve regularly experienced the ai interrupting eliza’s ground combo (x5) into launcher with blockbusters. It didn’t use to happen with this much frequency and it only happens with eliza. I’m not sure if its just me or if there’s a “hole” there after the last update. Have anyone else...
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    Bug - Normal Black dot center screen

    After this recent update, when defeating an enemy with a blockbuster, a black dot appears in the center of the screen during the flashing and colored lights.
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    Bug - Normal Items switched after purchase in cabinet

    So i purchased a pack of 250 air elemental shards from the cabinet and got 100 light elemental shards instead! Fortunately it only charged 150 rift coins instead of the 375:
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    Bloodbath vs Xenomorph

    Does the 3 perma bleeds from Xenomorph dying turn into 3 regens for bloodbath?
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    Other List of things that could use a buff

    Hello, since a dev said there’s no plans to nerf anything, how about a suggestion list for the opposite? The things that could really use a buff because they’re lacking in comparison to similar characters/tiers or just in general? That’s All Folks Peacock could really use a buff to her SA...
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    Characters Please nerf bio exorcist squiggly

    As the thread title reads; please nerf bio exorcist squiggly, she’s too overpowered, especially evolved to diamond. And since people will give her surgeon general support, pffttt. On the boss node of rift battles shes pretty much invincible. Thanks.
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    Bug - Normal Does stun count as a stagger?

    Does stun count as a stagger, and is there a limit to how many staggers are allowed in a combo? Because i just got my squiggly (and my streak) defeated by a bloodbath eliza who “bursted” out of a charged silver chord with a sekhmet bb: the eliza was stunned from defeating my previous fighter due...
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    Bug - Normal Meow n forever one-shot no final stand

    Meow and forever full health got insta-defeated by a grab bag bb3 by a harlequin cerebella and meow’s final stand never activated. Her skill tree SA’s are unlocked and maxed, no hex, curse or any debuffs on her at the time. The harlequins teammates were a claw n order and diva intervention, both...
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    Resolved Armed forces regains all health

    So i faced a team at the final node of a rift battle (the one with the sacrosanct modifier) consisting of bloodbath eliza, armed forces cerebella and inmmoral fiber double. After defeating both the bloodbath and the double i was expecting a nearly dead (i had beat her to that point before she...