• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Bryan

    What is coming?

    The skullgirls mobile twitter posted a cryptic message today https://twitter.com/sgmobile/status/1293350101809799168?s=19 What could this possibly mean?Many speculate that it could be skullgirls 3rd encore.Others say it may be a countdown.But i have a superior theory. You see on the brand new...
  2. Bryan

    Hitting someone while dashing is super inconsitent

    Activating this SA is super inconsitent.Whenever i hit a dashing opponent it only works like 35% of the time.I don't think this is a bug but i have no idea why this happens.
  3. Bryan

    Evergreen Evil discussion

    So i was doing more challenges and stumbled upon her so here is her SA(note that it is not fully upgraded)She seems really annoying on defense.I don't play rifts but she seems really strong there
  4. Bryan

    Inner Pieces Eliza discussion

    So i was doing some of the challenges and bunped into her so here is her SA(note that it is not the fully upgraded SA)I allowed her to get sekhmet on purpose and her teamate was last hope allowing her to gain blessing.She seems very interesting.I don't know if she's good but she seems really fun...
  5. Bryan

    Dream Catcher Discussion

    Yay the new Peacock that i asked for has arrived!Dream Catcher!(Based on Pajama Peacock).I am very content!She seems to stun the opponent when using a special move or doing a set amount of damage and when the opponent is stunned gains precision...
  6. Bryan

    Treble Maker Discussion

    I realized there's no thread for him yet so here you go.When i first saw him i was really sad because last update we already had dream band and they're adding another big band and there was no new Peacock,Painwheel and Squigly for the past few updates but whatever you deal with it and move on...
  7. Bryan

    Characters Ping check is too hard to utilise well

    So i recently unlocked ping check on my head hunter as i thought it would be the better marquee for her considering she's ranged and all.But when i used it in battle i realised far away actually meant FULL SCREEN.This makes ping check way too hard to utilise as the ai will comtinually try to...
  8. Bryan

    Bug - Normal AI still uses bb3 when tagging in

    Like what the title says i was fighting a rainbow on rift and it used a bb3 on me on tag in
  9. Bryan

    Bug - Normal Graveyard shift bug

    When you kill someone with another character other than valentine you won't get the heavy regen.The regen will also not be given if one of your teamates die.
  10. Bryan

    New relic thing

    Skullgirls Mobile (@sgmobile) Tweeted: As of 3.1, you'll be able to enjoy Skullgirls Mobile in simplified Chinese! You can change your language settings from the GAMEPLAY section of the OPTIONS menu at any time. https://t.co/FLUFudd9PZ https://twitter.com/sgmobile/status/1095147288131850240?s=17...
  11. Bryan

    Characters Trying to improve some characters

    Some variants are just better than others but clearly the devs are trying to make the game as balanced as possible and with their buff not nerf mentality i've been trying to brainstorm on how to make some variants better.Here are some ideas. Stand out:Stand out is refered to as the weakest...
  12. Bryan

    How do you do the double peacock juggle?

    How do you do it?
  13. Bryan

    Resolved Valentine death animation even though she did not die

    Valentine did her death animation even though she was not supposed to.Luckily i got footage of it.Skip to 2.43 if you want to see the bug.
  14. Bryan

    Bug - Normal Ms fortune dies cerebella revives?

    I fought a meow and furever(i think) who was the last character on the defense team set up.She used fifth of dismemberment and killed herself cuz she only had 1 point of health.Then cerebella mysteriously revived with maybe about 15% health left
  15. Bryan

    How do I use xenomorph?

    I recently pulled a xenomorph but i have no idea how to use her.Should i hope for doom and stall?Or just attack enemies normally?Here is her SA btw Xenomorph:SA1: Game over:100 percent chance when transmuting to the dark element to inflict a 30 sec permanent doom.Doom is removed if double is...
  16. Bryan

    Bio-Excorcist SA is technically heavy bleed?

    When i was playing casket match i realised that the modifier went off even though the opponent did not have any debuffs on them when i was playing bio with her ability.I also noticed that when i was fighting bloodbath eliza she was constantly regaining health when i was fighting her with bio and...