• [2018/06/22]
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    Bug - Normal Myst match precision bug

    Master Big Band daily event, fighting with myst match double. After gaining precision, either the whole stack or partial stack was used on hit, rather than a single iteration.
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    Resolved Kill joy SA activated through precision kill

    Headhunter vs kill joy (i can’t remember if it was prize fight or rift). I had five stacks of precision on head hunter and used theonite beam. HH makes beams unblockable so it went through her block and KO’d her, but her teammates still resurrected.
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    Other Please make report username function (pic examples)

    I’ve seen more inappropriate or straight up offensive usernames in the past two weeks than I ever have, and I’ve seen an increase in usernames like these in the past year. If anything the more accessible you make the game the more these sorts of names appear (please note: I’m not saying to make...
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    Report offensive usernames?

    Is there a place to report offensive usernames from the app? A number of times I’ve seen some names that really should get reported but haven’t found a forum for that.
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    Bug - Normal Rough copy haste bug

    iPhone 8S+, current iOS New patch On the holodeck. Opponent’s team was decrypted, snake bite, then rough copy. Mine was bloodbath, diva inspiration, vaporwave vixen. Match start, bloodbath v decrypted. After 5 seconds rough copy’s new SA kicked in, giving me slow and decrypted haste. After...
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    Bug - Normal Diamonds are forever bugged

    iPhone 8S+, current iOS Spotted it during training, but something I’ve thought might’ve been bugged for a while. It looks like diamonds are forever doesn’t apply its damage buff versus opponents in the air. I took a video; versus both on the ground and in the air the blockbuster only deals...
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    Bug - Normal Diamond Hijinks

    Current iOS Diamond high wire hijinks prize fight Beowulf vs X AI procs risky reversal whenever i use Geatish Trepak. It’s very odd considering it’s a blockbuster grab. Currently testing other grab moves but none seem to do this so far.
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    Skeleton dance when benched?

    Anyone have grim fan resurrect teammates while benched during the shining example event? I’m not sure if this is a bug or actually intended so I didn’t wanna post into the bug forum yet. Seems kinda janky though.
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    Bug - Normal Unblockable damage blocked

    Peacock prize fight My phantom threads vs treble maker IPhone current iOS Treble maker was across the field from me, and I fired lobs of love as he was standing. The AI got its guard up and while lobs still managed to break through the damage was prevented. I tried to replicate it again...
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    Bug - Normal Ms fortune’s keeping a head in the game

    iPhone 8s plus Current iOS Fighting in season’s beatings, surgeon general vs purrfect dark. Fortune tagged out for fly trap at the same time I launched an attack; her head got hit and stayed in the fight, allowing me to hit the head and fly trap with a combo, including a blockbuster. Fly wheel...
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    Other Bronze keys/Accursed farm

    I think it’d be great to be able to sell keys. Sure, you’re insane if you sell a diamond key. It’s a poor choice to sell a gold key. Silvers are easy to gain and easy to spend, but you’ll end up with too many eventually. Bronze keys though? I have 192 bronze keys that I’m doing nothing with...
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    Bug - Normal Costume party bug?

    IPhone 8+ S, current iOS Costume party Fighter: robo-fortune overclocked During the fight my overclocked gained stacks of permanent thorns whenever her passive triggered. This happened separately from the prize fight modifier. In the picture you can see the permanent invulnerability, which was...
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    Bug - Normal Beowulf ventriloquist

    -Downtown who’s the boss? Expert -Node on top row with two random fighters -Painwheel fly trap iPhone 8+SE, current iOS During the win animation painwheel’s vox was a Beowulf line instead of her own. Very weird lmao
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    Fights Prize fight marquee visibility

    It’s always a little frustrating that when going into prize fights you can see which characters have their marquee unlocked in the opponent select screen, but when you move onto the team select screen you can’t tell anymore. My brain’s not gonna remember everything, and I’ve had times when...
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    Bug - Normal Nyanotech un-tech

    iPhone Double daily- master Node: xenomorph and dread locks My fighter: gold nyanotech During the fight (and I had to do this node twice) some debuffs were getting through nyanotech’s SA, especially dread lock’s bleed.
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    Exclusive fighters from relics

    I know there’s several fighters out there that only appear in specific relics, but I’m not sure which are which. Is there a list detailing what fighters are available in what relics?
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    Prize fighter defense order

    I’ve been playing for years but I’ve never been able to figure out what order my defense team is in when an opponent selects my team to fight against. When I select “defense” on the fight screen, my fighters appear in the order I see them when I go up to fight. However in the prize fight page...
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    Characters Filia Widow’s Peak

    So, I’ve wondered for a long time why the damage for the final hit of widow’s peak is on release, rather than when an opponent hits the ground. I think it would be much cooler. I know it’s a grab move, but similar-looking grabs deal damage on impact with the ground (like Beowulf, Cerebella’s...
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    Master peacock help

    Heyo, I’ve managed to grind out every node in Peacock’s master story mode except one: 1xPeacock vs Dread Locks Filia and Djinn Frizz Filia My strongest Peacock is a maxed gold Ultraviolent with Special Feature, and while she’s got the damage output to win, Dread Lock’s SA’s really messes me up...
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    Bug - Normal Accursed weekly

    iOS iPhone 8+ Accursed experiments Node: Beowulf, Valentine, Cerebella (second node to right) Team: bad hair day Filia, graveyard shift valentine (who the third is doesn’t seem to matter, this happens every time) I’m actually not entirely sure this is a bug per se, but it seems the timing of...